Coffee shop in Berlin: So Germany is betting on free marijuana

BERLIN – An order placed on Telegram is enough in Berlin and the drug dealer appears under the house less than an hour later. And the catalog is rich, complete with laughing faces, lightning bolts, hearts or – now that it’s the season – Christmas trees. Ecstasy, cocaine, methamphetamines, marijuana and hashish are available in … Read more

Police discover illegal cafe under shop in Antwerp (Antwerp)

The Antwerp police discovered an illegal café in a shop on Lange Beeldekensstraat in Antwerp on Friday evening. — © rr Antwerp – The Antwerp police discovered an illegal cafe on Friday evening in a shop on Lange Beeldekensstraat in Antwerp. Police received several reports of nuisance at the store. On arrival it turned out … Read more

Oversized cake for 60 people “cancelled without permission” “Please help” … The good intentions of SNS saved the bewildered shop: J-CAST News[Full text display]

The oversized cake for 60 people has been canceled without permission. On November 29, 2021, the cake shop “Confectionery Studio La Belle Rouge” (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture), which received the order, posted on Twitter that this cake would be sold separately. Then, the cake that was divided in just 30 minutes from the opening was … Read more

Extra offers today, unimaginable discounts, for 5 days only, up to 75%, shop quickly

Extra offers today, unimaginable discounts for 5 days only, up to 75%, shop quickly – educate me Saudi Extra Offers Extra company is present in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it continues to make strong and big discounts and also very amazing offers, as this company is very keen to offer these offers and discounts … Read more

Wolt opens the first stone shop in Smíchov

The technological startup Wolt opens the first stone shop on the Czech market. Wolt Market is a new service that offers express delivery of food, drugstores, but also household goods within twenty minutes of ordering. The Czechia will join Finland, Greece or Denmark, where Wolt has already launched its network of stone shops. Smíchovský Wolt, … Read more

Indonesian Stall Targeted by Jeff Bezos Predicted to Grow Rapidly in 2023

Unicorn to venture capital companies owned Jeff Bezos penetrate the segment shop, either through investment or special services. This sector is forecasted to grow rapidly in the next two to three years. The Co-Founder and CPO of Warung Pintar Group, Harya Putra, said that the number of conglomerates and banks targeting warungs shows the potential … Read more

Deghi is the best web shop for the third year

LECCE – For the third year Deghi Spa – the Salento e-commerce of bathroom, garden and interior furnishings, founded and led by Alberto Paglialunga – has won the prestigious “Insegna dell’Anno” Award, the Italian version of the European Retailer survey. of the Year for 2021, the best web shop in Italy in its sector. It … Read more

Start with HK$5 online shop: Excellent masterpiece of 2019 “Control”

The Engadget editorial team is committed to collecting high-quality products and preferential prices for you. The internal part of the article links merchants with Engadget. The pricing and supply have the opportunity to change, all based on the latest information of the merchants. It’s been a long time since I introduced the game to you. … Read more

Launch realme GT Neo2 5G and realme narzo 50i, prepare to shop! with the 11.11 campaign

realme launches a new flagship killer, realme GT Neo2 5G, with a great value smartphone, realme narzo 50i, and prepare to shop! with the 11.11 realme MEGA SALES campaign Introducing the new flagship killer smartphone in the GT family that comes with a state-of-the-art design. “realme GT Neo2 5G” Packed with powerful chipsets that provide full … Read more

Clarissa Capone, the rape drug czarina makes Rome shake well

Officially unemployed, in reality Clarissa Capone was a real “Tsarina”, the woman who, together with Danny Beccaria, 32, coordinated the rape drug trafficking on the Roman square, a tour of import and sale dismantled in recent days after almost two years of investigations. A new generation trafficking of synthetic drugs based on purchases on the … Read more