Here’s what the infamous $6,500 saddle from OD’s Megane shop looks like

It hasn’t even been a week sinceOccupation Double Martinique has begun that some candidates are already standing out and fueling conversations in trade fairs. This is particularly the case of Mégane, the owner of a saddlery high-end in Terrebonne, which has a taste for luxury and is not afraid to affirm it loud and clear. … Read more

A young Saudi woman could not control herself in front of a young man working in a perfume shop.. She acted with him in a very bold way and asked him for a shocking request.. (Watch the video)

2022/09/21 It’s 02:20 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite Tweeters on social media have re-circulated a bold video of a Saudi girl harassing a worker in a perfume shop. The Saudi girl could not control herself in front of Wassama, a handsome young man who works in a perfume shop. Angry activists circulated on social … Read more

Czechs unexpectedly found a place where they shop at prices like many years ago. Absolutely the highest quality, people don’t understand

A few days ago we learned the unpleasant news that food prices are not over yet. The manufacturers have not yet managed to pass all the increased input costs into the prices, so they are preparing to do so in the autumn. So it can be expected that it will be really expensive again in … Read more

It all started with six old chairs from mother-in-law, now Julie (37) gives worn-out family heirlooms new life in ‘De repair shop’ (Ternat)

Julie has her studio Couleur Couleur in the August de Feyterstraat. — © The Repair Shop – One Ternat – Julie Van Hemelryck (37) has been on Monday evenings for several weeks in the One television program ‘De repair shop’. The Ternatse with West Flemish roots helps to restore damaged objects of great emotional value. … Read more

Historical submerged wine shop, damage to 2 thousand bottles – Chronicle

The water and mud also reached the vault, the most protected place where the finest bottles were kept: none were shattered, but many were heavily damaged. The flood that struck the province of Ancona on Thursday evening, devastating lives and towns, also hit the historic Galli Enoteca in Senigallia hard. “Half a meter of water … Read more

Armed Robbery at Gold Shop Happens in South Tangerang

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Robbery armed with guns in a gold shop occurred in one of the shopping centers in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD), South Tangerang, on Friday, September 16, 2022 at 11.47. Investigators from Polda Metro Jaya are now investigating the case. Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya, Senior Commissioner Endra Zulpan, said … Read more

Does not pay the bills, pastry shop closes in Casalserugo: “Cut the electricity, I lost everything”

The increasingly high bills, more than triple compared to a year ago, then the doubling of the costs of raw materials, a scenario that is repeated in recent months for many businesses and entrepreneurs. But the real blow to the owner of the “Dolce Stella” pastry shop came when she found herself without electricity overnight. … Read more

Hong Kong people shop online at HKTVmall, more than 600 orders per month, no pick-up, supermarket promotions to reduce waste

Since 2019, HKTVmall has set up outlet stores in individual stores to sell unclaimed, expiring or slightly damaged items. [Yahoo News Report]Online shopping is very popular under the epidemic, but many people forget to pick up the goods carelessly and become “big scumbags”. HKTVmall has more than 600 unclaimed orders a month. The company has … Read more

The pastry shop in Milan that abolished cash: “We have discovered that there are No-Pos customers”

The Pos is highlighted on the counter. The beep of credit cards and ATMs marks every purchase. Coffee and glass of water, pastries, single portions and cakes. And if the flyer that stands out above the sweets is not enough to clarify the ideas to the customers, the waiters intervene, kind but relentless: “Here, we … Read more

Working life, Business life | Employees in a shop in Lofoten can be taken out on strike

The LO confederation Handel og Kontor Norge and the employers’ organization NHO Service og Handel did not agree on the so-called trade agreement during wage negotiations this spring. On Monday 12 September, the parties will start mediation at the Riksmegleren. – There was a good tone during the negotiations, even though there was a great … Read more