Gdansk. She left a one-year-old in the car and went shopping

On Wednesday, January 12, during an inspection in one of the galleries in Przymorze, a worried man approached the policemen and said that in one of the cars in the underground parking lot there was an unaccompanied small child. The uniforms immediately took care of the matter and, with the help of the gallery security, … Read more

Consumer guards warn about shopping risks at / Article

According to her, the main problems complained about by consumers – the ordered and paid goods are not delivered, but if consumers exercise the right of withdrawal, the merchant does not return the money in time, it takes half a year or more. Of the complaints received in 2021, 157 were cross-border complaints, mostly from … Read more

There are shopping centers that are not requiring the vaccination card

The use of a mask, taking a temperature, social distancing and the application of disinfectant gel continue to be the main prevention measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus in the main mallsHowever, presenting the vaccination card is not a priority. It is recalled that since last October 17 it is necessary to show … Read more

“Half each person, phase 4” compares to good shopping, have a return in 2022, how much tax deduction is it? which is better to choose

“half-person, phase 4” VS Good shopping, have a night 2022 A question that many people want to know How much tax deduction is it worth? Which one is better to choose? for 2 economic stimulus measures from Ministry of Finance prepared to delivernew year gift 2022 to the people that the two measures are different … Read more

Used cars, eight steps for safe shopping: driving

In a rapidly changing environment marked by the pandemic and rapid economic transition, many motorists are faced with the need to change their car on a limited budget. According to one recent research conducted by Aretè (strategic consulting company in the automotive sector), the choice used it is taken into consideration by 4 out of … Read more

Bankrupt shopping trolleys

Share this article on: Posted on 01.05.2022 Alsace ” The famous manufacturer of supermarket trolleys Caddie, who declared himself in default on Monday, was placed in receivership yesterday with a month and a half to find a buyer and save its 140 jobs in Alsace. “The court puts the company in receivership (…) and it … Read more

Last year, three dozen brands settled in the Czech Republic. “Russian Lidl” also wants to attract

The hockey players of the extra-league Třinec are in quarantine after a positive coronavirus test with several players and members of the implementation team. As a result, steelmakers must postpone the next three matches. On Friday, the leader of the table and the defending champion from the last two seasons had to start on the … Read more

all increases from the shopping cart to healthcare

18/18 © Ansa Here are the forecasts of increases in 2022 estimated by Federconsumatori (in brackets the annual increase in euros and in%): Food (299.60 – 4.2%), Car insurance (32.69 – 2.3%), Bank costs (15.07 – 2 , 1%), Motorway tariffs (3.12 – 3.4%). Transport (172.67 – 3.2%), Tari (19.42 – 3.1%), Electricity and gas … Read more

In front of the judge Confess as an Incompetent Person, Gaga Muhammad’s Old Video Speaks About Shopping for Clothes Can Run Out Rp 30 Million a Month Viral

Sosok.ID – Selebgram Gaga Muhammad | middle in the process hearing related to the accident case that made his ex-lover, Laura Anna experience paralysis. Gaga Muhammad | had time to make an assembly Hakim The East Jakarta District Court was upset during the process hearing which was held on Thursday (30/12/2021). Launching from, in … Read more

How stores will work on January 1: Shopping isn’t going to happen everywhere | Business

The three networks will not work at all during the New Year The stores of the largest retail chain Maxima will be closed on January 1, and on the eve of New Year’s Day – December 31 – the stores will be open for an hour – up to 21 hours. According to Jolanta Bivainytė, … Read more