Infinix serves a hot promotion! through the campaign for shopping in the middle of the month 8.15

Infinix is ​​a popular and growing global brand in the electronics market. Appease avid online shoppers to send great promotions, full discounts during the Flash Sale period with a shopping campaign in the middle of the month 8.15, allowing Thai users and shoppers to buy a variety of mobile phones at a special price that … Read more

[XF 專題] Improve Radio Quality Shopping Tips for Computer Festival‧Radio Microphone Type‧Directivity – XFastest Hong Kong

Preamble I believe that everyone will pay attention to the latest videos of different YouTubers every day, and you will find that many of them use independent radio microphones. In the past, ordinary users may not pay special attention to or pursue high-quality radio microphones, whether it is for daily meetings or with friends. Online … Read more

Packaging-free stores are going bankrupt. Almost a fifth have finished since January

You can also listen to the article in audio version. About ten years ago, the first stores were opened in the Czech Republic, following the example of Western countries, where people can buy basic food and drugstores without packaging in their own containers brought from home. After lentils, rice, nuts, buckwheat and other dry foods, … Read more

The fairy of green wellness, Onami… Appeared in Naver Shopping Live on August 10th

ⓒ Purum Wellness (Innovine Korea, Inc.), a domestic lifestyle and health brand, announced today (August 10) that Oh Nami will appear on Naver Shopping Live from 8 pm to commemorate the renewal of the exclusive model contract. Purum Wellness (Innovine Korea Co., Ltd.) has been directly distributing various masks since 2020, and currently has a … Read more

A weekly family shopping basket from Lidl that won’t cost you even €20

“As a low-price retail network, buyers value us for always high-quality and affordable goods. This is extremely relevant for those who are still saving money for the upcoming vacation and for those who may have returned after it and found that they had spent much more than they planned,” says Valdas Lopeta, head of Lidl … Read more

The PS5 is finally available in stock on Amazon!

Par Figaro Services Posted on 08/08/2022 at 19:21, Update 3 hours ago The PS5 is finally available with this good Amazon plan While Sony has announced that the PS5 will be out of stock until the end of 2022, or even 2023, find out how to get the console in August 2022. An offer for those … Read more

A drunk priest was saying mass. The archbishop has already punished him [OŚWIADCZENIE KURII]

On Monday, local media reported that one of the priests in Białystok was celebrating mass completely drunk. The consequences have already been drawn against him. Fot: J. Fiedoruk The media in Białystok received information that last Sunday in the parish of St. Jadwiga Królowej Mass was celebrated by the local vicar, who was under the … Read more

The paradox of full shopping baskets covers the decrease in sales of merchants –

In June, there was a real year-on-year decrease in retail sales by six percent. People continue to significantly reduce their consumption for the second month in a row. It can be assumed that the postponed pandemic consumption has already been largely realized. Due to high inflation, people also realized part of their future consumption in … Read more

The cruelty of a Lithuanian emigrant shocked British investigators: after killing his lover, he came to go shopping

One of the shoppers who came face-to-face with the gunman, 25-year-old IT professional Phillip Sharratt, told after the incident: “I was buying a beer and I saw a man crawling away.” According to him, T. Uptas approached him, put a gun to his chest and muttered in a strong European accent: “Get out of … Read more