Keys to shopping, food and Christmas routes in Barcelona

The least Christmassy Christmas in many decades It will be marked by the forced crusade against the crowds and the usual socialization at this time. From Christmas shopping, to table celebrations, to visits to attractions, the keys are less capacity, more distance, more patience, anticipation of peak dates and the ability to adapt to the … Read more

Request a loan in Spain, up to 35% more expensive than in the euro area as a whole

Despite the scenario of ultra-low and even negative rates established by the European Central Bank (ECB), requesting a loan in Spain is substantially more expensive than in the European average, both in terms of consumer loans and if the client does so. you want to sign a mortgage. This is at least shown by the … Read more

Rafaela Romerto: «Public transport is as safe or safer than shopping or being at work»

The Gipuzkoa Deputy for Mobility and Territorial Planning, Rafaela Romero (PSE), defends the safety of Lurraldebus buses during the pandemic and guarantees that public transport in Gipuzkoa is “armored” against any health or economic crisis and will not suffer cuts , being for the County Council “part of social policy.” – Is a public bus … Read more

Floods, street dancing and Christmas shopping, among the photos of the week

The cold and the ravages of the rains in the south of the country persisted this week among the weather phenomena that Mexicans faced. However, there were also other activities seen in the midst of the pandemic. Shopping for the Good End, preparations for November 20 and the start of the Christmas season are some … Read more

Microsoft Edge brings new shopping and productivity features

There is no doubt that Microsoft has hit the mark with the launch of its Chromium-based Edge web browser, which has also started to follow the heels of Chrome. And in a time known for the boom in shopping, and more so this year with the boom in Internet shopping driven by the pandemic, Microsoft … Read more

They denounce extortion in a well-known shopping center for the reservation of Xbox Series X

The case that we are going to tell you is the Xbox Series X buyer narration on November 10 made in the Facebook group Generación Xbox and confirmed in a conversation with our newsroom by the affected party, on the same launch day, in a commercial area located near the Valencia Conference Center. We omit … Read more

Discover the favorite products of famous people to take advantage of the best deals of the 11.11 Day of AliExpress Shopping World

Updated 11/10/2020 3:49 PM On November 11, AliExpress World Shopping Day is celebrated and many well-known faces have joined this trend to take advantage of the best offers to equip themselves with everything necessary to face the coming months in which we will spend much of the time in our homes. If you want to … Read more

This is how consumers have modified their shopping habits as a result of the coronavirus

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus has radically changed shopping habits of millions of people. Preferences and needs have been modified and habitual consumption is more related to items that help us stay at home such as books, video games, clothing and accessories for practicing sports, cooking utensils, music, gardening or electrical appliances, among others; … Read more

Real estate, working, insurance, shopping 12 financial questions on reconfinement

Is my real estate purchase plan compromised? Can I continue to sell on Leboncoin? How do I return an order on Amazon? Will my employer cover the cost of the work? The editorial staff answers practical questions that affect your bills, your income, your credit, your accommodation. 1 Can I visit a place to rent … Read more