44-year-old M.Lukauskis – about the desire to continue his career, the disappointing Wolves season and Kurtis’ shots

Aa A + A – Restore Report an error The second largest budget in the country and even bigger ambitions did not translate into victories in the first season of Alytus Wolves. Even at the start of the season, Rimos Kurtinaitis’ students were beaten in the FIBA ​​European Cup qualifiers in Bulgaria, and then they … Read more

Cyberpunk 2077’s new stunning lighting mod simulates real-world cinematic shots –

A new Cyberpunk 2077 stunning lighting mod is now available for download that promises to take the game’s visuals to new heights in an attempt to simulate real light. Now available from Nexus ModsdownloadLuum Cinematic Lighting Mod which, when used with Realcolorr, uses real-world lighting techniques to simulate the ARRI Alexa 35 camera. Features of … Read more

Child injured in an ambush in Sant’Anastasia near Naples, shots fired at the bar: two young men stopped

Two people have been stops by the carabinieri for the you shoot at a bar Of Sant’Anastasia that have reached an entire family intent on eating an ice cream. Injured mother, father and ten-year-old daughter. The girl is serious, admitted to the hospital in resuscitation. The arrested are two young people aged 17 and 19. … Read more

shots at the Mercedes factory. Two people are dead – DW – May 11, 2023

According to the latest information provided by the concern, two people died at the Sindelfingen plant in Baden-Württemberg on Thursday morning (May 11, 2023). “These are employees of an external service provider,” Mercedes-Benz said. The media reports that the men were 44 years old. Police said no other people were in danger and that emergency … Read more

Germany. Shots at the Mercedes factory in Sindelfingen. Another person is dead [AKTUALIZACJA]

Joanna Zajchowska {{dayTwoDigit}}. {{monthTwoDigit}}. {{year}} {{hourTwoDigit}}:{{minuteTwoDigit}} Germany. Shots at the Mercedes factory. Two people are dead On Thursday morning there was a shooting at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen. The case is reported by Deutsche Welle. According to the latest information provided by the concern, two people died at the Sindelfingen plant in Baden-Württemberg on … Read more

28-year-old man shot dead in Costa da Caparica. Shots came from a car in progress

A 28-year-old man died this morning, on Avenida General Humberto Delgado, in Costa da Caparica, Almada, after being hit by two shots coming from a passing car. A source from the Territorial Command of the GNR in Setúbal explained to Lusa that the incident took place around 01:00 am today on an avenue in Costa … Read more

Murder of Antonella Lopardo in Sibari, over 30 shots fired

COSENZA – More than thirty shots were fired against Antonella Lopardo, the 49-year-old killed yesterday evening after 10 pm in her home in Sibari, a hamlet of Cassano allo Ionio in the Cosentino area. Throughout the night, investigators worked hard to find elements useful for identifying the killer and any accomplices. The track mostly followed … Read more

Nadine Nassib Njeim raises controversy with romantic shots and exciting movements with her fiancé in the Maldives

Published in: April 29, 2023 Last updated: April 28, 2023 published Lebanese singer Nadine Nassib Njeim, a new photo of her through her official Instagram account, accompanied by her fiancé while they were vacationing in the Maldives. And Nadine appeared enjoying herself in the sunshine, in the midst of the nature surrounding the Maldives And … Read more

Sensation at the World Cup 18! The Slovaks will play for medals, even 56 shots were not enough for the Finns | Hokej.cz

Photo: Ronald Hansel, Junior hockey (UPDATED 10:45 p.m.) The Slovak 18 will surprisingly fight for medals at the World Championships in Switzerland, defeating Finland 3:2 in the quarterfinals. The Northerners, like the Czechs, end up in the tournament, even an overwhelming shooting superiority of 56:16 was not enough for them. Our eastern neighbors have not … Read more

12 Strangest Objects in the Universe: Mysterious Signals to Infrared Shots

Bumi. Gambar: The Life Image Collection/Getty SPACE — There’s no doubting the fact that the universe is strange. Just look outside and you’ll find all sorts of strange flora and fauna reproducing themselves, crawling over a blue ball of semi-molten rock covered in a thin, hard shell and enveloped by a thin layer of gas. … Read more