Gian Marco on Love and Fire: “They made fun of my marriage” | VIDEOS | show business | SHOWS

Only part of the long-awaited interview with Gian Marco Zignago in Amor y Fuego was broadcast on Monday and in it the well-known singer-songwriter could be heard attacking the entertainment program, considering “that they made fun of his family.” YOU WILL BE INTERESTED IN: FAMILY OF JOHN KELVIN VERIFY THAT DALIA DURÁN DID REQUEST FOOD … Read more

Carlos Cacho destroys Zorro Zupe for his look at Tilsa Lozano’s marriage: “I would never go to a wedding like this because I respect the bride” | d Tomorrow | show business | SHOWS

Carlos Cacho and Daniella Cillonizone of the few guests of the Chollywood show business who attended the wedding of Tilsa Lozano and Jackson Mora, They appeared this Monday on ‘D Mañana’ to talk about the ex-Avenger’s marriage, in addition to the looks of those who were summoned to the event. MIRA: Jazmín Pinedo reveals why … Read more

Family allowances, attention: everyone is entitled to an extra HUF 200,000 per child, we show you what needs to be done for it

What is a self-help fund? In the event of a social risk, the self-help fund provides additional care on the basis of social obligations prescribed by law, and provides support for the price of medicine and medical aids. The self-help fund individual services and community services can extend. The fund provides individual services by debiting … Read more

Tilsa Lozano | Daniella Cilloniz outraged because neither Gisela Valcárcel nor Michelle Alexander went to the wedding: “They were in Pachacamac, what was it hard for them to spend a little while” | B Morning | show business | SHOWS

Daniella Cilloniz, one of the few guests of the Chollywood show business at the wedding of Tilsa Lozano and Jackson Moraappeared this Monday on the Panamericana Televisión program ‘D’ Mañana’ to talk about the intimate celebration that united the former Avenger and the fighter in marriage. MIRA: Flavia Laos defends herself after exposing a video … Read more

A big shock for the neighbors! The most stable couple of Czech show business is divorcing

They were together for 30 years and managed to overcome difficult life periods. However, their relationship rang! Ivan Trojan (58) and Klára Trojanová (51) are getting a divorce. According to the Czech media, they have not been living together for several months and the actor was left alone with the dog in the family home, … Read more

Being ridiculed for “jumping up and down in her sister’s marriage”, Xiao S politely presented “3 words” to show her demeanor and make the sour people shut up | Entertainment | CTWANT

After Wang Xiaofei and Big S divorced last year, recently due to the payment of living expenses, the two sides fought across the air. Zhang Lan, who was eager to protect Wang Xiaofei’s son, also joined the battle. The mother and son jointly attacked S’s house. Except for the “new brother-in-law” Gu Junye followed , … Read more

Agnese Zeltina’s daughter Marija is starting a TV3 dinner show

On the second evening, digital content creator Marija Jansone, daughter of actress Agnese Zeltiņa, will host the guests in her home, who decided to challenge herself – to prepare and serve dinner as in a fine restaurant. There will be two appetizers – soup and salad, an exquisite main course and dessert – self-baked “Cielaviņa” … Read more

Billström in Kyiv: Will show our full solidarity

Foreign Minister Tobias Billström is in Kyiv, together with colleagues from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Iceland and Norway. Among other things, they will discuss further support for Ukraine. “We are in Kyiv to show our full solidarity. Despite Russia’s rain of bombs and barbaric brutality, Ukraine will win,” writes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on … Read more

Mariana Derderián recalled her time in Bienvenidos and regretted the competition of panelists: “You were alone” | TV and show

The actress assured that in that space “your partner next door can do anything to show off more than you, to outshine you.” The actress Mariana Derderián reviewed her passage through the extinct morning Bienvenidos, criticizing the competition that existed between the panelists of the space in order to stand out. The interpreter, who was … Read more

100 km of Champions, what a show at the Valentino Rossi Ranch. PHOTO

5/31 Also present Luca Marini, Marco Bezzecchi and Franco Morbidelli, as well as Antonelli, Manzi, Vietti and Migno. But Rossi wanted to make it big this year, inviting him to the Ranch as well Alex Rinsfresh from the passage to the Honda LCR, George Martin (Ducati Pramac), Fabio Di Giannantonio (Team Gresini) e Augusto Fernandezwho … Read more