US Congress backs financing proposal, shutdown averted

One day before the deadline, the US Congress managed to avoid a government shutdown. The Senate has approved a proposal to continue funding the federal government until at least February 18. The proposal had already been approved by the House of Representatives earlier in the day. In October, the House of Representatives had approved an … Read more

The money copy bug reappears! “America New World” emergency shutdown of the trading system | Game | New head shell Newtalk

“America New World” reported that players used system loopholes to copy money, so the official closed the trading system urgently.Picture: Reposted from the Twitter of “America’s New World” The multiplayer online role-playing game “America’s New World” produced by Amazon announced today (2) that the development team will urgently shut down the trading system among all … Read more

Extends shutdown in Auckland – 70 percent fully vaccinated

After 62 days of strict restrictions in New Zealand’s capital, the authorities are extending the measures in Auckland for at least two more weeks. This was stated by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at a press conference on Monday. This is done despite the fact that the proportion of vaccinated people in the capital continues to … Read more

Battlefield 2042 will ban cheaters without warning and temporary shutdown

DICE takes the health of the Battlefield 2042 community seriously and has published a number of initiatives to keep the community healthy and fight cheaters. Battlefield 2042 uses the popular Easy-Anti Cheat (EAC) service to detect and ban cheaters. EAC is found in Apex Legends and many other online games. Easy-Anti Cheat will be active … Read more

Messy Joe Biden turns out to be a disaster: ‘US shutdown threatens’

The US government is facing huge money worries. In fact, the problems are so great that one shutdown threatens. For four years it was feared that former President Donald Trump would destroy the American economy, but in the meantime it appears that his Democratic successor is really not doing anything at all. If the Democrats … Read more

Will there be a new shutdown? Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Memişoğlu shared the latest situation

class=”cf”> According to the data of the Istanbul Provincial Health Directorate, the highest number of cases and hospitalizations in the Kovid-19 pandemic were seen in the peaks between October-December last year and March-May of this year. Even though there was an increase in cases right after the holiday, the health system survived this process without … Read more

The second block of Temelín is being produced again, the beginning of the shutdown was hastened by the storm

CEZ is preparing another planned shutdown in the last quarter of this year at the Dukovany nuclear power plant, said Petr Šuleř, head of ČEZ’s nuclear communications department. During the shutdown in Temelín, the power engineers changed a quarter of the fuel, checked the reactor, safety systems and the turbine. They planned several dozen investment … Read more

Check out the complete schedule for the shutdown of analog TV in Indonesia

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia has started migrating analog TV broadcasts to digital or the Analog Switch Off (ASO) program. The program is scheduled to be completed on November 2, 2022. This analog to digital broadcast migration program does not mean that the Indonesian people have to replace the old TV with a new TV. … Read more

The damage cancels further shifts. Due to the lack of chips, the shutdown before the mass holiday will begin

Before the mass holiday at Škoda Auto, which is planned for the first two weeks of August, a number of other shifts will be canceled. The summer shutdown of production will begin before the holiday. The main reason is the lack of parts, said the weekly Škodovácký odborář. The company also needs to free up … Read more