“You have to take off your hat”. And he discovers that it is Mick Jagger (visiting the Duomo of Siena) – L’Arno.it

Late afternoon on September 2nd. An overseer on duty at the Duomo of Siena addresses a tourist asking him to take off his hat, because he is in a sacred place. The tourist obeys and takes it off. The overseer recognizes it: it is Mick Jagger. The British rocker has been in Tuscany since June, … Read more

Zanardi, the reduction of drugs has started: ‘It is stable, conditions remain serious’

New bulletin from the hospital of Siena: doctors will now evaluate the reactions to the reduction of drugs in the next few days “With reference to the clinical conditions of Alex Zanardi, hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit of the Aou Senese, the health management, in agreement with the family of the sample, informs that … Read more

Siena, decisive days for Zanardi after the reduction of drugs

The progressive reduction of sedation for Alex Zanardi has been started in these days, hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the polyclinic Le Scotte in Siena after the accident a few weeks ago. This was decided, explains a note, the health management in agreement with the family. Meanwhile, the investigation continues and today the … Read more