Oh Eun-young, 6-year-old Geum, who is sensitive to the sound of her mother, does not understand the signals of the intellectual child My child is like a gold-digger

‘My golden bastard’ (Photo = Broadcast screen capture) Geum-gyeong looked anxious because of the couple who were about to get divorced. Channel A’s ‘Recent Parenting – My Golden Baby’, aired on September 23, revealed the concerns of a couple with a 6-year-old son who is sensitive to sounds and obsessed with his mother. On that … Read more

Immune Signals Down and Need Attention

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – System immune or immune function to protect against infection. Those with a weak immune system are more susceptible to disease than those with a strong immune system. People with immune disorders are known as immunocompromised. Many things can cause immunocompromised, such as HIV, some cancers, malnutrition, viral hepatitis, and some medical treatments. … Read more

Puzzling new features captured in cosmic FRB signals

Artist’s illustration of an FRB detected by an observatory on Earth – UNLV MADRID, 22 Sep. (EUROPA PRESS) – Unexpected observations of a series of fast radio bursts (FRBs) challenge prevailing understanding of physical nature and the central engine of these strange cosmic signals. FRBs are millisecond-long cosmic explosions that produce energy equivalent to the … Read more

It’s Not Easy, It’s Astronomers Risk If You Misinterpret Planetary Signals in James Webb’s Data

INDOZONE.ID – Become astronomer is not an easy matter, because there are risk that must be shouldered in interpreting the planetary signals in the data James Webb. If an astronomer misinterprets signal planet, it will misrepresent the universe which results in disrupted human life. Read Also: Scientists Detect 1,652 Unidentified Radio Signals Coming From Space … Read more

Government Signals Cancellation of Eliminating Honorary Workers in 2023

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Minister of Administrative Reform Bureaucratic Reform (Menpan-RB) Abdullah Azwar Anas opens the opportunity to cancel the deletion policy honorary in 2023. Anas said the opportunity to change the policy was due to the strong resistance from the local government. He also admits that he is currently looking for a middle ground … Read more

It signals 20-30 years ago! Watch out for early signs of Alzheimer’s

ATTENTION TO EARLY SYMPTOMS! Since Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that can impair insight from an early stage, patients often may not be aware of the situation they are in and refuse to go to the doctor. Neurology Specialist Prof. Dr. Neşe Tuncer points out that it is extremely important for the relatives of the … Read more

‘Smelly’ symptom that signals the lack of this vitamin

Lately there is more and more talk of Vitamin D and how much is important for our body, of which foods are the richest and why even pregnant women – like older people – need to check their levels constantly. But we often forget that too other vitamins they are fundamental from many points of … Read more

Insidious signals of a heart attack! It gives these symptoms before… – Gallery

It turns out that chest pain, which has long been considered the universal symptom of a heart attack, is actually not a very clear signal. Recent research has revealed that a number of factors are important, looking at the gender, age, and health profile of symptoms. We have compiled this article for you to explain … Read more

China Prepares 10 Hunt Satellites for Universal Dark Age Signals, What is it?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A team of scientists China will use Moon to hunt for signals from the dark ages of the universe. What other creature is this? The research team behind the Discovering the Sky at the Longest Wavelengths (DSL) mission, also known as Hongmeng, will send 10 satellites into orbit around the Moon … Read more