Women in minority, but assuming “significant presence” in organized crime | Organized crime

Although organized crime is a male universe, female participation is on the rise. Often, women come to crime through an affective relationship with a man. These are two central ideas of the doctoral thesis in criminology by Ana Guerreiro, assistant professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto and at the University … Read more

Cathay Pacific’s Profit Warning Annual Loss of 7 Billion Air China’s Huge Loss Drags Down Significant Improvement in Operations

Cathay Pacific’s Profit Warning Annual Loss of 7 Billion Air China’s Huge Loss Drags Down Significant Improvement in Operations Cathay Pacific (00293)A profit warning was issued after the market closed on Friday (20th). The affected affiliate Air China (00753) recorded a huge loss. Cathay Pacific expects a loss of about 6.4 billion to 7 billion … Read more

Microsoft announces that it will lay off 10 thousand workers and explains “significant changes” | Economy

The company explained that this determination is based on the fact that customers are no longer accelerating their technology expenses as they did during the harshest period of the pandemic. Microsoft announced on Wednesday that lay off 10,000 employeesless than 5% of its workforce, and that it has started to notify some of the layoffs … Read more

Influenza and Corona: Significant increase in deaths in December 2022

The persistently high mortality rate is also striking because the number of corona deaths fell significantly in the previous year. While AGES recorded 7,532 deaths after a corona infection in the first year of the pandemic in 2020 and 9,195 in 2021, there were only 4,746 in the previous year. However, overall mortality did not … Read more

Even last year, they opened their shopping center in a historically significant way. Full of shopping centers and restaurants before Christmas was apparently just an illusion, the fastest working poor

Household consumption is good this quarter year, i.e. from ervence to z, it really fell through historically. In real terms, therefore, after consideration inflation People in the Czech Republic bought 7.8 percent more goods per person slueb not at the same time year 2021. That’s kind of the most striking meziron slump since year 2005, … Read more

This morning, the koruna strengthened against the euro to its strongest level since 2008, a significant loss against the dollar. The post-covid boom of the Chinese and Asian markets and the weakening prospects of the dollar will help it

esk mna during the day’s morning trading, it strengthened to its absolute strongest vi euro since November 3, 2008, when against euro firmed up to 23.927. The last time it traded at a stronger level was on November 3, 2008, when it strengthened to a rate of 23.865, resulting from Which Bloomberg. Since then, it … Read more

“Significant bear market”: DAX before a horror crash? minus 30 percent?

Some stock market professionals warn that the international stock markets could smear in 2023. But the majority thinks differently. Even though the leading German index, the Dax, got off to a positive start at the beginning of the year, the trend could reverse significantly when looking at the year as a whole. There is a … Read more

Influenza and COVID-19 have a significant impact in hospitals

Flu and COVID-19 infections claimed many lives in New Brunswick in December and continue to put significant pressure on the province’s hospital system. According to the latest weekly update released by Public Health on Wednesday, the province recorded 1,549 new COVID-19 infections between Dec. 18 and Dec. 31. Of these cases, 1006 were confirmed using … Read more

Significant increase in road fatalities: highest number of victims in years in 2022 | Interior

This is evident from accident data for 2022 from Smart Traffic Accident Reporting (STAR), in which the police, government and ANWB, among others, collaborate. Not only did the number of fatalities rise to a record high, the number of traffic accidents in which at least one person was injured also increased to 21,457, more than … Read more