Xojo 2020 Release 2 already allows compiling for MacOS on Apple Silicon, as well as for Windows, Linux, iOS, Raspberry Pi and Web

By @Alvy – November 25, 2020 These days it has been released Xojo 2020 Release 2, a major update to the Xojo programming language and environment. For those who do not know it, it is an environment with which you can create generic applications of all kinds that are then compiled for MacOS, Windows, Linux, … Read more

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will arrive with native support for Apple Silicon

Through a press release, Blizzard announced in such a way that the new expansion of World of Warcraft, will have native support for Apple Silicon. For players of Mac, we are pleased to announce that Shadowlands will have native support from day one for the Apple silicon, the new processor technology that will establish a … Read more

World of Warcraft Shadowlands will have native support for Apple Silicon from day one

Blizzard’s new MMORPG expansion will arrive in Europe on November 24. One of the MMORPG most important in the history of videogames is World of Warcraft . The video game of Blizzard you are ready to receive the next major expansion of the title, World of Warcraft Shadowlands, which will arrive next week. Now, the … Read more

How to install iOS apps on Macs with Apple Silicon

How to install almost any iPhone or iPad application on a Mac with an M1 processor A Reddit user has figured out how to install almost any iPhone or iPad app on a Mac with M1 processor. For this, it is necessary to have a copy of the app in the IPA file and it … Read more

Apple Silicon competition: Huawei MateStation B515

There is a constant effort on the part of some large Chinese companies to stop relying so much on Western technology for the development of their products. Huawei also operates in the same line and its MateStation B515 is an example of that, a powerful desktop computer developed with the company’s own silicon. At the … Read more

Blizzard Announces “World of Warcraft” Now Has Native Support for New Apple Silicon M1 Macs – SuperManzana

World of Warcraft. Imagen: Blizzard Blizzard has announced is sus forums that with patch 9.0.2 “World of Warcraft” (WoW) now has native support for the new Macs with Apple Silicon M1 processor. This means that WoW 9.0.2 will run natively on Macs with an Apple Silicon processor, rather than under emulation via Rosetta 2. Rosetta … Read more

Apple Silicon M1 emulating on x86 scores faster than any Mac in the single core benchmark

Last week we saw how a MacBook Air with the M1 chip was able to beat all Macs in the single core test. Now, someone has passed the same test to the processor, but emulating the x86 environment. Thus the chip Apple Silicon M1 is able to beat all Macs in X86 mode in the same benchmark monkey core.

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