These are the countries where the validity of the SIM makes the head shake

loading… The validity period of a SIM in Indonesia is only 5 years. Much shorter than other countries. Foto/DOK.SINDONEWS.Com JAKARTA – Indonesia has a valid driver’s license (SIM) for 5 years. That period of time is actually plural because every 5 years it is necessary to renew the driver’s license so that the authorities can … Read more

SIM C is divided into 3 types starting in August, here’s the cost of making it

Jakarta – The police plan to apply SIM C classification starting in August 2021. Later, SIM C will be divided into 3 types, namely first for motorcycle drivers with engine capacities up to 250cc, second for motorcycles above 250cc to 500cc, and third SIM C for motorcycles above 500cc or electric motorcycles. Then how much … Read more

Classification of SIM C also applies to electric motorbikes, the police give an explanation

Muslim/ Elvindo electric motorbike illustration – Not only for conventional motorcycle users, electric motor also subject to classification SIM, here is the explanation Mentioned by the police, the issue of SIM classification is not only for conventional motorcycle users. Rather than classifying SIM also applies to users of motors with electric power. This was … Read more

This is the mode of online loan fraud, thousands of sim cards have been registered, how come?

Dirtipideksus Bareskrim Polri Brigadier General Helmy Santika at the Bareskrim Polri, Jakarta, Thursday (22/4). Photo: Ricardo/, JAKARTA – The Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police confiscated thousands of registered sim cards from the location where the perpetrators of illegal online loans (pinjol) were arrested. Director of the Tipideksus Bareskrim Polri Brigadier General Helmy … Read more

Classification of SIM C will take effect immediately, CII SIM owners can bring all types of motorbikes – Automotive News

JAKARTA – SIM CII can be likened to the top ‘caste’ of all SIM C classes. The owner will be considered to be able to ride all types of motorbikes. The Indonesian National Police (Polri) plans to implement new rules regarding the classification of SIM C starting in August 2021. The rules are contained in … Read more

Sim data Iliad. Iliad offers also for 4G routers and wifi soaps?

Can the Iliad sim be used as a data sim? Is it possible to use Iliad’s connection to power a 4G router and therefore give internet connectivity to other devices? Of course yes. It is a fairly frequent question among users and therefore today we answer by explaining everything well and trying to clarify this … Read more

3 Class C SIM valid in August, what’s the difference between SIM C, SIM CI, SIM CII?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Indonesian National Police (Polri) issued Police Regulation (Perpol) Number 5 of 2021 which regulates Control and Marking of Driving Licenses or SIMs. Which is the classification plan SIM C will be implemented starting next August. DELFI ANA HARAHAP Read: SIM C is divided into three groups, motorbike riders must change SIM … Read more

Extend Starting Today, SIM Dead During Emergency PPKM Can Be Extended In The Next Seven Days

TRIBUN-BALI.COM, TABANAN – The Tabanan Police Traffic Unit (Satlantas) has provided information to the entire community of Tabanan and its surroundings regarding the policy of SIM renewal during the period Emergency PPKM 3-25 July 20212. For people who hold a SIM that has expired during that date, they are given time to extend their SIM … Read more

All Riders Should Know, When Will The SIM Revocation Rule Take Effect? This is what the police say Adam Samudra Prosecution of odd-even violations – Some time ago the Indonesian National Police (Polri) released a new rule regarding the issuance and marking of a driving license (SIM). One of the highlights is the violation point system that will be implemented. Based on the Regulation of the Indonesian National Police (Perpol) Number … Read more

csl. Club SIM offer no contract $43 42M data + unlimited talk minutes

There are many types of non-contracted data plans, such as Club SIM, Freebird, etc. Please do not have to tie up a contract when you want to transfer it, you can transfer it at any time. Recently, csl. Club SIM has launched a discount, that is, you can get 42M data + unlimited talk minutes … Read more