Débora Hallal from Sinaloa runner-up at Mexicana Universal 2020

Querétaro.- After the culmination of an event that decorated with beauty and intelligence Mexican television Débora Hallal was crowned as runner-up of Mexican Universal 2020, who could be the alternate candidate for Miss Universe 2020. Taking the ultimate crowning, Alma Andrea Meza Carmona 26-year-old from Chihuahua was the winner by becoming the official candidate for … Read more

Ways to connect with yourself in the middle of the storm when you are alone – Mujeres por Sinaloa

Ways to connect with yourself in the middle of the storm when you are alone Wendy González Pérez If there is one thing that many people have been faced with, it is going through hard or difficult times while they are alone due to the pandemic. So it is important to start promoting a routine … Read more

Climate: A cloudy, cool and rainy environment will prevail this Thursday in Sinaloa. Know the temperatures!

Sinaloa.- A mostly cloudy day, with light and scattered rains and a cool environment, is forecast for the state of Sinaloa this Thursday, November 26, 2020. In its projection of rains for this day, the Service Meteorological Nacional establishes that in Sinaloa, intervals of showers of 5.1 to 25 millimeters could occur and does not … Read more

Historic mega seizure of the Sinaloa Cartel in San Diego | ELIMPARCIAL.COM

San Diego, CA.- The largest seizure of cash, drugs and ammunition registered in the San Diego district, was confirmed by the authorities of the United States Attorney’s Office in Southern California, this Tuesday. Around $ 3.5 million in cash, as well as 685 kilos of cocaine, 24 kilos of fentanyl, approximately 20,000 rounds of ammunition … Read more

Climate: They ‘burn’! Sinaloa region, the hottest in the country; registers more than 41 degrees

Mexico.- The hot stays in states like Sinaloa, and proof of this is that this Friday one of its municipalities was the hotter at the national level. It’s about the alteño municipio of Choice, where the thermometer even exceeded 41 degrees centigrade. According to National Metereological Service, Choice, Sinaloa, presented the highest temperature with 41.2 … Read more

Weather: Get ready for a sunny day in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- A mostly sunny day, predicts the National Meteorological Service this Sunday, November 15 for Sinaloa. The climate agency highlights that the entity will have maximum temperatures of 36 degrees mainly at noon and minimum temperatures of 21 at night. Follow the weather forecast information in Mexico in the CLIMA section of Línea Directa Clear … Read more

El Rosario police complain because they do not reflect payments of debts to the Issste

The rosary. Municipal police, expressed their concern to Debate, this because many paid their debts at ISSSTE but no, the payment is not reflected. The uniformed men who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals, indicated that many acquired loans from the ISSSTE which were discounted via payroll, but this is not reflected in the ISSSTE. … Read more

Arsenal seized in Chiapas and two alleged traffickers from Sinaloa arrested

Long and short weapons seized during search in Chiapas. Photo by GN It is presumed that the detainees are linked to a criminal organization with a presence in Sinaloa, dedicated to the possible transfer of cocaine from Guatemala Staff of the National Guard completed a search warrant in Chiapas in which he seized a arsenal … Read more

Dies of Covid-19 Audómar Ahumada, former rector of the UAS – States

Mazatlan. Audómar Ahumada Quintero, state leader of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) in Sinaloa and former rector of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS) died after being hospitalized for 40 days, having been infected with Covid-19. On October 16 he was discharged after spending several weeks hospitalized for the virus, he managed to … Read more

Women United Against Breast Cancer hand out check

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Through the initiative Women United Against Breast Cancer, which brought together several organizations and was led by Councilor Rosy López, a cheque of $ 30 thousand pesos to Grupo Reto, in Los Mochis. The councilor thanked all the people who joined this initiative and took their photos to support this group of … Read more