Natti Natasha, Raphy Pina and their daughter Vida Isabelle’s first birthday | Party | United States Celebs nnda nnlt | SHOWS

Vida Isabelle’s first year of life, the fruit of love between Raphy Pina y Natti Natasha, had as a setting a perfect party attended by friends and family of the couple. And it is that despite the sentence that the singer’s partner is going through, both parents knew how to put aside negativism to commemorate … Read more

Farruko and the reason why he converted to Christianity | United States Celebs nnda nnlt | SHOWS

Recently, Farruko He has shared with his more than 20 million followers on Instagram one of the most important testimonies of his life. After years standing out as a great exponent of the urban genre, the Puerto Rican is now sorry for some of his song lyrics, as well as certain attitudes from his past. … Read more

Did J-Ax and Fedez make peace? The singer’s gesture displaces the fans

What are the relationships between Fedez and J-Ax? For a long time, the two have gone through a period in which they have not heard from each other. In fact there was a certain tension that resulted in a situation of frost between one and the other. It is not immediately clear what were the … Read more

May Day concert, here is the lineup: singers and guests

Last heart-pounding hours for the organization of the Concert of May 1st. The outcome of the conductor’s last molecular buffer was awaited Ambra Angiolini, tested positive at Covid a few days ago. Then came the response: negative. So everything will proceed, according to plan, with Amber, for the fifth consecutive yearto lead on the stage … Read more

Not adhering to the singer’s career, Kong Huai Rai opens the Elena Cafe area. Helping artists who lost their jobs

Kong Huai Rai opens the area Elena Cafe Helping the singer Mo Lam lose his job, sell things, make money, reminding artists, celebrities should not take a single career. Follow the news, press follow, live news Sympathy for colleagues who lost their jobs during the Covid famous country singer Kong Huai Rai thus giving the … Read more

Wendy Sulca: Andrea Luna danced in the Anitta style at the singer’s birthday party Video Farándula RMMN | SHOWS

Updated on 04/24/2022 12:07 am Wendy Sulca He turned 26 this April 22 and decided to celebrate it with a big party at the ValeTodo DownTown nightclub in the Miraflores district, where different personalities from the entertainment industry were present. Such is the case of Andrea Luna, who was the life of the party. The … Read more

Lucero, close to becoming a grandmother | Celebs from Mexico nnda nnlt | FAME

There is no doubt that time passes quickly and he knows that very well Lucerowho has seen in the blink of an eye how their children, the fruit of their marriage with Manuel Mijares, they have grown. Who would say that those little ones that he carried in his arms a few years ago now … Read more

Lucero: the singer’s room, luxurious and impeccable | Celebs from Mexico | nnda-nnlt | FAME

Lucerowho was the wife of Manuel Mijares, has formed a successful, wide and recognition career. The result of this is the possibility of owning more than one property for the comfort of her and her children, and as is logical within her home, her tastes and luxuries are not lacking. In a recent interview with … Read more

The final of the Belvedere Opera Singers’ Competition / Day will take place in Dzintari Concert Hall

Guntars Ķirsis, the director of the Dzintari Concert Hall, Mārtiņš Ozoliņš, the chief conductor of the Latvian National Opera and Ballet, and Ilmārs Lapiņš, the conductor, will work in the jury of the Baltic selection tour. The first round of the competition in Europe, Canada and the USA has been taking place since February 5, … Read more

TICKETS for the Daddy Yankee concert in Peru 2022: ticket sales for Daddy Yankee in Lima by Teleticket | shows

Daddy Yankee say goodbye to music The reggaeton player, author of emblematic songs like “La gasoline” and “Rompe”, will perform a last concert in Peru before leaving the stage. The interpreter, multiple Grammy winner, will sing in Lima as part of his tour “The last lap world tour”. teleticket Pre-sale of tickets began on March … Read more