Singing figure with Covid-19 symptoms: “I have a fever and my skin hurts”

This week, two full teams from Singing 2020 They were isolated after their coach’s positive test for coronavirus Natalia Cociuffo. Last Thursday the results of the swabs were known: they all tested negative. But this Saturday Angel of Brito informed how much Lola latorre how Brian Lanzelotta They are with symptoms, for which they had … Read more

They capture Lorenzo Méndez singing ‘with spite’

Although both denied the allegations, Lorenzo was later seen leaving his home with several suitcases. On the other hand, Chiquis took advantage of the fact that he was promoting his new single with Becky G to accept that things were not quite right in their relationship. Even Méndez has asked for prayers for his marriage, … Read more

Real Madrid: Reguilon wows Tottenham teammates with singing initiation

Real Madrid Defender making a splash in England Sergio Reguilon certainly made an impression on his new Tottenham teammates in his initiation. The former Real Madrid defender was made to stand up in front of the Spurs squad and sing as a means of breaking the ice. His new teammates cheered and clapped along during … Read more

Video..Show Oka’s reaction to Hani Shaker’s decision to prevent him from singing

The festivals singer Oka was keen to comment on the decision of the captain of the musical professions, artist Hani Shaker, which he issued at the beginning of this year, which included preventing Oka from singing, as his name was included in the list of names that were prevented from singing or reviving concerts. During … Read more

Why singing makes us feel good

Whether at home in your bathroom, in your car, with friends, with the help of a professional or even in a choir, singing to a real interest on morale and the management of emotions and stress. The whole body being concerned, the vibrations of the song even allow the body to relax. Anyone can sing … Read more

Charm singer goes back to work as a bus driver now that singing career is on the back burner

Jo is therefore happy that he can now get back to work as a driver of the school bus. “The first days were very exciting, after five years of driving such a big bus with the children again. But it was also wonderful to see all those teachers and children again after all these years. … Read more

Private World Shiloh Jolie-Pitt: You don’t know the daughter of Pitt and Angelina Jolie like this

Little Shiloh’s ability to motivate and inspire others is said to make her popular with other children as well. “She has lived all over the world and found a lot of friends wherever she has been, including London, France and even Cambodia,” said Angelina, adding that Shiloh stays in touch with friends via Skype and … Read more

Review of Jens Bjørneboe’s “The history of bestiality:” “Three hours of slapstick, sex and inaudible singing.”

Jens Bjørneboe’s humanistic manifesto is struggling to find its form on stage. The “story of bestiality” instead becomes close to three hours of slapstick, sex and inaudible singing. 29. aug. 2020 14:25 Last updated just now I was sure they would be perfect together, Jens Bjørneboe and the Croatian master director Ivica Buljan. Bjørneboe’s novel … Read more

Singing 2020: the disconsolate cry of Laurita Fernández live

The emotion of Laurita Fernández that upset Ángel de Brito. The studio’s giant screen reproduced images of the pandemic. Chinstraps, doctors, anonymous people, pain, smiles and applause. And meanwhile, Jey Mammón and his partner Carla del Huerto they suggested “punching this life ties a bouquet of dreams”, according to the mandate of the theme “Avanti … Read more

Coronavirus: Singing more quietly reduces the risk of contamination

Sound volume is an important factor in the production and spread of potentially infected droplets, according to a British study. Attending a Lara Fabian concert could therefore be potentially more risky than going to listen to Jane Birkin. AFP Singing very loudly does not only endanger your ears, it can also increase the risk of … Read more