Angham stops singing for a few seconds in Jeddah, affected by the song… Video Arabic – News, Opinions & Radio Sputnik Sputnik Social media users shared a reaction from the Egyptian artist, Angham, during her concert, which she gave yesterday, Saturday, in the Saudi city of Jeddah. when she sang melodies The song “It was sweet and lost” was expected to stop singing for a … Read more

Bi Xia Chen Qinan and Madina debut in Dalian Beach Cultural Festival classic songs to sing summer carnival_sings

2021-07-26 10:10 source:Sohu Music Original title: Bi Xia Chen Qinan and Madina debut in Dalian Beach Cultural Festival classic songs to sing summer carnival Bi Xia Chen Qinan Madina Recently, “Rock Queen” Bi Xia, talented singer Chen Qinan and “Iron Voice Sweetheart” Madina appeared in Dalian and were invited to participate in the opening ceremony … Read more

This is how J Balvin sounds singing Wherever I May Room by Metallica

A hard, dark and aggressive trap is the stamp that the paisa J Balvin gave to the song Wherever I May Roam, which is part of the album The Metallica Blacklist (2021), which quickly became a trend on social networks this Wednesday. The video for the song was posted on YouTube and features footage of … Read more

Navya Nair shared a video of her singing ‘Makeup does not give peace’

Kochi, First Published Jul 13, 2021 7:31 PM IST Navya Nair is the favorite actress of Malayalam. Winner of State Award for Best Actress. Navya Nair has got a lot of hits. A video of Navya Nair doing makeup is being discussed now. The video was shared by Navya Nair herself. Navya Nair writes that … Read more

Laura G is criticized for singing Selena’s song in Venga la Alegría

Laura G caused a stir in social media after your participation in I want to sing, reality show that premiered last Monday in Come the joy So what tests acting skills of the celebrities Mexican. Despite the show production, internet users they criticized the performance from host of TV Azteca and they pointed his lack … Read more

Saved Mbappé penalty, Sommer loves cooking, singing, playing piano and having work at the feet of the Swiss team

Original title: Saved Mbappé’s penalty, Sommer loves cooking, singing, playing piano and having work at his feet (Transfer from sports arena+) Reported by Xiaozhong, an all-media reporter of the Sports Weekly On June 28, in the 1/8 finals of the 2020 European Cup, the Swiss team drew 3 to 3 with the French team and … Read more

Nina Divíšková († 84): Her daughter fulfilled her last wish

The farewell to the popular actress took place in the church of All Saints in Sliven, and in addition to family and friends, many fellow actors came to say goodbye. At the stroke of yesterday at ten o’clock, the church door opened and the grieving director gave a speech that touched each of the mourning … Read more

Who is the Saudi artist who participated with Mohammed Hamaki singing on the stage of “Jeddah Super Dome”!

Al-Marsad newspaper: Al-Arabiya channel highlighted in its report on the young artist Zina Emad, who participated in the Egyptian artist Mohamed Hamaki singing on the stage of “Jeddah Super Dome” yesterday, Friday. The report stated that Zina Emad is a Saudi singer from the Qatif Governorate who was able, through a mixture of songs selected … Read more

Did he exchange singing for acting? You will not believe in which SERIES you played Paľo Habera!

The charismatic singer has his hands full, because in addition to cutting back as a juror while filming the show SuperStar, he also sniffed at acting. On the occasion of the celebration of the 15th birthday of the series Neighbors Paľo starred in his 150th episode. Pavol Habera has been active on the scene for … Read more