12 smartwatch and activity bracelets at a scandal price on Singles Day to give at Christmas

If you’ve been waiting for Singles Day 2020 to get a Sport watch at the best price or you are already getting the gifts for this Christmas, this is one of the items with the best offers. Here are some of the most attractive we have been able to find.

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Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 65 “bordering 500 euros on Aliexpress Plaza with this Singles Day coupon: save almost 200 euros!

Singles Day 2020 brings sales on a few smart TVs and this is probably the best of all: the 65-inch Xiaomi Mi TV 4S gets a huge discount using the coupon onceonce30: 529 euros with free shipping from Spain, a great opportunity to get a smart TV that already stands out for its high value for money.

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Singles Day for everyone !?

Trademark protection for Singles Day German retailers such as Douglas and Media Markt also want the Singles Day, which comes from China, on November 11th. use it to seduce customers into making spontaneous purchases with discounts. The use of the brand is restricted to retailers who give Singles Day a chance and want to use … Read more

Singles Day: six common mistakes when buying a solo home

Living alone is no longer a taboo in Spain. Although sharing a home with a partner is still the favorite option, single-person households are gaining ground: According to the latest data from the INE Continuous Household Survey, corresponding to 2019, the number of Spaniards living alone has increased by 9% since 2013, 7% in the … Read more

Pandemic | Offers for Singles Day come to Peru for the first time

The 11:11 or the Singles day It has become one of the most popular shopping festivals in China and now all over the world. This day, which began in Asia and has been expanding rapidly in various countries of the world and especially in Latin America. Today is the perfect pretext for thousands of singles … Read more

The best software for singles day

Microsoft has some of the most widely used products in the world of computing, but pricing is an important aspect to consider. Keysoff provides the best offers for legal, safe and economical purchase. Our friends from Keysoff.com They wanted to share with us some of the best discounts they offer on the occasion of the … Read more

EBay’s bargain before Singles Day is the very light Xiaomi Mi Scooter Essential Lite scooter for less than 250 euros

For those who want to move around the city without a private car or public transport, or combine either of the two previous options with a scooter for light use, the manageable Xiaomi Mi Scooter Electric Lite Essential is greatly reduced to 246 euros on eBay with the coupon P1111, one of the lowest prices from Spain.

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iPhone 11 for less than 600 euros and offers on Amazon devices in the Bargain Hunting prior to Singles Day

One more Friday we return with the section Hunting bargains, the weekly Applesfera space where we collect the best deals on Apple devices and accessories. This delivery is marked by the previous sales for Singles Day that will take place in a few days, next 11/11. We started!

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