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Updated 11/18/2020 at 10:39 PM Is it annoying to press a button and call Siri unnecessarily? Apple launched its new Macs with new processors in recent days, while some users around the world are already receiving, at their doorstep, what would be the new iPhone 12 Pro Max o el iPhone 12 Mini, depending on … Read more

New smart gadget from Xiaomi helps you take care of your health

The Chinese company, Xiaomi, has launched a new smart device to take care of your health, it is about Qingping Air Detector Lite, which is capable of measuring the air quality in your home and is controlled with Siri. Qingping Air Detector Lite from Xiaomi, is a smart device that indicates how healthy the air … Read more

You can now listen to Spotify on the Apple Watch without the iPhone

The function will allow you to stream your favorite Spotify song on the Apple Watch For a few months it was said that Spotify was developing a feature that would allow music to be directly streamed through the Apple Watch without the need to have the iPhone connected at all times. Fortunately, everything seems to … Read more

Apple solves the Siri problem by telling users …

Siri seems to have been mistakenly telling users this morning that Election Day isn’t until November 8. Many users noticed this and took to Twitter with screenshots, calling the digital assistant for their mistake. more… The post that Apple solves the Siri problem by telling users that Election Day is November 8 appeared first on … Read more

Santiago Siri, from Democracy Earth Foundation, warns that supposed Argentine unicorn could be a pyramid scam

Santiago Siri, holder of Democracy Earth Foundation, raised some suspicions about TransparentBusiness, a supposed unicorn Argentinian of the technological world. So reported it the newspaper Infobae, on October 7. According to Infobae, TransparentBusiness is a telecommuting management platform. But in an article published by that medium, Santiago Siri had the following opinion about TransparentBusiness: “Is … Read more

How to customize a Siri message when connecting and disconnecting iPhone from charger

Apple officially introduced iOS 14 last June and the first tests of the beta versions already allowed us to know their main news and some other curious function (like the ‘mirror’ or ‘mirror’ selfies). However, it has been as a result of global launch of the new operating system when we have really started to discover its potential.

Among other things, we have seen how change browser which comes by default, how to make Gmail the default email app and even how customize the homescreen using “different” icons and widgets. Next, we are going to tell you how you can make your iPhone “talk” to you when connecting and disconnecting the charger.

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Do you have an iPhone with iOS 14? Learn the trick to make Siri speak when you connect the Video charger

The arrival of iOS 14 has thrilled thousands of apple fans, who little by little find out all the tricks hidden in this operating system developed by Apple which is available only on some models of iPhone Y iPad. As detailed by Paréntesis, a portal specialized in technology, a secret option of iOS 14 allows … Read more

How to remove Siri suggestions on your iPhone

Siri wants to help you, but sometimes that effort can be annoying for some users. Therefore, we are going to explain how to remove Siri suggestions on your iPhone, so that you can make them stop appearing at different points in the operating system where the wizard usually shows them to you.

Siri suggestions are personalized recommendations that the assistant can make youBoth when it comes to sharing files to show you the applications or contacts you use the most, and to search for apps or tell you the ones you use the most. For this, iOS sends data about your use to Apple’s servers, although it does so without data that could compromise your privacy by not including name or account.

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