Kim Tae-hee-bi, honey dripping, the real way of speaking, no sister

A making video containing the filming scene of the loving couple of actors Kim Tae-hee and Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon) was released. On the 7th, a video titled’BX Kim Tae-hee’s first acting’ was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Body Friend. In the video, Taehee Kim and the rain dropping honey were captured. … Read more

Flip-flop in Canada – “My sister, go get vaccinated, please.”

Just before succumbing to Covid-19, an anti-vaccine singer and follower of conspiracy theories called on the population to be vaccinated. Just before passing away, Gisèle Baudoin convinced her husband to get vaccinated. DR Her name was Gisèle Baudoin. Canadian by nationality, this country singer died last Saturday at the age of 70. Like nearly 11,000 … Read more

She must have walked away from her conspiratorial sister months before her death

In addition to physically removing families, the pandemic has also torn several apart because of conspiratorial and conspiratorial comments on COVID-19, as was the case for Monic Beaudoin and his sister Gisèle. • Read also: Died after refusing the vaccine Monic Beaudoin, whose sister Gisèle died of this terrible disease on Saturday, testified to the … Read more

A sister gave birth to her brother’s fifth baby

Surrogacy is no longer used only by childless couples Seattle-based 27-year-old American Hilde Peringer has sparked heated controversy on social media after she announced on Instagram that she had worn out and given birth to her brother’s fifth child. She admitted that becoming a surrogate mother has always been her dream and recently managed to … Read more

Opera world flow responsible for the two generations of Beijing and Shanghai “Jiang Sister” National Grand Theater sang “Red Plum Praise”

Opera world flow responsible for the two generations of Beijing and Shanghai “Jiang Sister” National Grand Theater sang “Red Plum Praise”Fly into the homes of ordinary people Caption: “Sister Jiang” performance photo by Xinmin Evening News reporter Guo Xinyang “Someone often asks me why “Red Plum Praise” can be sung to this day. I think … Read more

Andrea Llosa will have a meeting with her twin sister ‘Ambrea’ this Saturday and says that ‘face to face’ will spark sparks | OPINION

HELLO, MY BARRUNTO. I arrive packed to tell you the latest from ‘Chollywood’ … They pass me the check that MICHELLE SOIFER is fine-tuning details to reappear on the small screen next to RAFAEL CARDOZO by Latina. The ‘Michi’ is very sure that her program will battle the competition. Lucky… MAGALY MEDINA hit a stick … Read more

“I ask for respect, I’m not his sister!”

All’Island of the Famous 2021 continue to change the balance in the group of castaways and also the friendship, which has lasted since the beginning of the reality show, between Gilles Rocca e Francesca Lodo it seems to have cracked by now. The two had an argument, with Francesca Lodo asking a Gilles Rocca to … Read more

Mariana Ramírez del Villar, EEG producer, called the attention of Peter Fajardo’s sister and clarified the issue of Austin Palao | SHOWS

The general producer of ‘This is war’ spoke for the show ‘Love and Fire’ and argued, somewhat uncomfortably, that she was not aware of the statements of the sister of Peter fajardo, also producer of the reality show, about Austin Palao and his departure from the América Tv program. Mariana Ramírez del Villar, despite not … Read more

Round 2 to meet! Nichkhun’s sister, Cheryl, is infected with COVID. After the examination again

From the case that the boyfriend of Cherry Nutchari is infected with COVID 19 Causing her to quickly check for COVID Which the result turns out that She is also infected with COVID-19. Great! Shereen leads the NewType team, a new idol group, a new sister to meet soon! “UPDATE more. Chen went to double … Read more