Watch.. The reaction of the famous Tik Tok “Saud Al-Qahtani” when he was surprised that the woman with him on the broadcast was the sister of the artist Rashid Al-Majed

Al-Marsad newspaper: A video clip documented the reaction of the famous “Tik Tok” Saud Al-Qahtani, after he was surprised that the woman with him on the broadcast was the sister of the artist Rashid Al-Majed, according to her claim. The girl said in a live broadcast with Al-Qahtani: “Rashid Al-Majed is my brother.” The girl … Read more

This is how Prince George behaved on the way to the Queen’s funeral. Oh, his sister did that earlier

Nine years old Prince George and seven years old Princess Charlotte attended the memorial service Queen Elizabeth. Young royals came to Westminster Abbey by car from Princess Kate i queen consort Camilla. They presented themselves elegantly and their behavior during the whole ceremony deserves attention. You can see that, despite their young age, they have … Read more

Zhu Lin swept India’s first sister and entered the top 8 in Seoul Station and reached a new high in real-time rankings jqknews

Original title: Zhu Lin swept India’s first sister into the top 8 in Seoul Station and reached a new high in real-time ranking CCTV News: On September 21, Beijing time, the 2022 WTA250 Seoul Station will start the second round of women’s singles competition. The defending champion and No. 4 seed Zhu Lin lost only … Read more

Sherine’s look-alike shocks her fans.. Pictures of Neymar’s sister show the confusion!

During the past hours, social networking sites invaded photos and videos, said to be of the sister of the famous Brazilian football player Neymar, as fans of the Egyptian artist likened her. Sherine Abdel Wahab out. However, others questioned the pictures of the Brazilian young woman, pointing out that she was subjected to “Photoshop”, and … Read more

Signs of the hour appear.. He married the sister of his deceased wife, and on the night of the wedding, the children heard hysterical screams raging throughout the house from the bedroom, and when they opened the door, the fatal shock was!!

2022/09/16 It’s 08:50 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite Marriage is the first step in building a family in which society increases. Marriage is a sacred relationship surrounded by love, affection and happiness for all. It is a cosmic year for building the universe. One party should not be forced on the other, but they … Read more

After she stormed a bank with weapons, she circulated an influential message from the Lebanese woman, Sally Hafez, to her sister

The pioneers of social networking sites circulated an influential letter written by the Lebanese, Sally Hafez, who stormed a bank in Beirut to recover her money at gunpoint in order to pay the expenses of treating her cancer-stricken sister. The incident of Sally occupied the Lebanese street, after she stormed the Bank of Lebanon and … Read more

ONLY 14 MILLION! Honda Scoopy’s sister officially launched, Yamaha Fazzio lost far, here are the specifications

SMOL.ID – This time we will discuss a little about the sister of Honda Scoopy officially launched on the market. Brother of Honda Scoopy This is predicted to have sophisticated features and a cute and cute appearance and does not want to be outdone by Yamaha Fazzio. In addition, the younger brother of Honda Scoopy … Read more

Cara Delevingne receives the support of her sister Poppy in the face of her worrying state of health

The images sparked all kinds of fan theories, ranging from substance abuse, a mere “high” from some drug or a really serious health problem. In them you see Cara Delevingne at the private Van Nuys airport in Los Angeles, California, in a strange attitude: nervous, barefoot, smoking, gesticulating excessively, spinning around on herself. And, worst … Read more

HYUNDAI IS CRAZY! His sister Stargazer is released, dubbed Bayon the Toyota Raize destroyer, here are the specifications

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Hyundai Bayon officially launched, mobil type SUV this is called the destroyer Toyota Raize and his sister Stargazer. Hyundai Bayon comes with a sporty and futuristic look, where the younger brother of Stargazer this looks very sporty ala mobio SUV contemporary, which makes Toyota Raize nervously. Besides that, Hyundai Bayon … Read more

Queen Elizabeth gives her sister an ultimatum. The princess Magorzata never forgave her

Małgorzata Windsor was born in 1930, so she was four years younger than Queen Elizabeth II. Unfortunately, she was not considered an example of health, and her condition dramatically worsened at the beginning of the 21st century. She passed away in 2002, two months before her mother. Despite not always perfect relationships the queen she … Read more