Quique Usales did one of his famous ‘Makeover’ to his own sister

Quique Usales. Photo: Quique Usales / Courtesy Sad, almost without consolation for the death of her great friend and boss, Magda Rodríguez, Quique Usales He was surprised by the arrival of Natalia, his sister, who traveled from Argentina to Miami to return a smile. This act of love was returned by Quique. Yes, the fashionista … Read more

My sister and her books premieres second season

Laura and Diana are two sisters who are physically separated in this pandemic, but they always communicate by video calls. Despite having different ages and very different personalities, the two are very close and all their secrets are told. Every time they meet through the screen, they talk about their dreams, joys, sorrows and concerns … Read more

This is Alejandra Onieva, the sister of Tamara Falcó’s new love

Tamara Falco is starting a relationship with Iñigo Onieva, brother of popular actress Alejandra Onieva. At 28, the interpreter has participated in numerous television series, as High seas, and Netflix; Presumed guilty Y The secret of Puente Viejor, on Antena 3, She is your father, in Telecinco, or Undercover, on Rai Tv. But he has … Read more

Leigh Griffiths apologizes for liking a tweet showing Kyle Lafferty in tears and denies mocking the death of the Northern Ireland forward’s sister

Leigh Griffiths has issued an apology to Kyle Lafferty after facing backlash online for liking a photo of the Northern Ireland forward looking upset. The former Rangers and Hearts leader decided to play for Northern Ireland just days after the death of his sister, Sonia, but was unable to help his country book a place … Read more

I have a half flat with my sister, what options do I have to sell my share?

I have a half property with my sister. I cannot bear the costs of it. Is there any way I can get rid of my share of the house beyond selling it to my sister? To answer your query we must go to our Civil Code (CC), since it specifies that “no co-owner is obliged … Read more

The terrible loss of actor Jamie Foxx, who is living the most difficult moment of his life

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx revealed on Instagram on Monday that her little sister, DeOndra Dixon, had passed away. He was only 36 years old. According to a source who spoke to the magazine People Regarding the terrible news, the young woman apparently passed away a week ago, on Monday October 19 Related news The Texas … Read more

Jamie Foxx: The actor’s sister died and spoke with an emotional message USA USA United States NNDC | BOCONVIP

Updated 10/26/2020 at 8:33 PM The actor Jamie Foxx communicated through his social networks that his sister Deondra passed away at the age of 36. The renowned actor used his official Instagram account to express his feelings in this painful moment of his life. “My heart is shattered into a million pieces. My beautiful and … Read more

The Candance movie is coming, Phineas and Ferb’s sister

These days the Comic Con from San Diego with a virtual format that all fans of the world of different shows, comics and movies could access remotely. One of the most interesting was the one that involved, on Saturday, July 25, the creators and executive producers of Phineas y Ferb And Povenmire Y Jeff “Swampy” … Read more

“Driver put the knife to my neck while he groped my sister”

THE HERALD learned of a case of theft inside a vehicle attached to a digital transport platform in Barranquilla. The victims were two young men aged 19 and 14, respectively. Due to this fact, the Police captured two subjects, who, allegedly, committed this crime. According to the victims, the transport service was requested through a … Read more