Israel Reportedly Didn’t Notify US of Attacking Iranian Nuclear Sites

loading… Israel reportedly did not notify the US of the attack on Iran’s nuclear site. Photo/Illustration WASHINGTON – Intelligence agency Israel mostly withholding information from its main allies, United States of America (USA), regarding its attacks on nuclear targets Iran . This was disclosed by intelligence officials to CNN. Former and current US officials have … Read more

Why we’re obsessed with making ‘Doom’ work on the most random sites

In 1992 id Software threw ‘Wolfenstein 3D‘ and changed the history of video games. The FPS (First-Person Shooter) genre became an absolute phenomenon, and after it would come two even more legendary titles, ‘Doom‘ y ‘Quake‘. The franchise has conquered millions of players and has had numerous sequelsbut the funny thing is that the original … Read more

Latvian experts in Ukraine have performed 3D scanning of cultural heritage sites, training local The news

Riga, June 17, LETA. Experts who have returned to Latvia have performed a three-dimensional (3D) scan of cultural heritage sites in Ukraine and trained local specialists in it, recording the damage and obtaining data in order to plan the strengthening and restoration of cultural monuments of war victims. Dace Vizule, a public relations specialist of … Read more

Latvian experts have performed 3D scanning of cultural heritage sites in Ukraine

Worked in Ukraine from 6 to 16 June UNESCO expert, SIA “ARCHItrāvs” board member Dr. Bruno Deslandes, RTU Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Geomatics, Associate Professor Dr. Maris Kalinka and Kirill Gorovojs, PhD student at RTU Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (DITF). According to a list compiled by the Ministry of Culture … Read more

The mythical shortcut to download videos from all social media sites

The mythical shortcut to download videos from all social media sites This mythical shortcut is a real treasure for every iPhone user who is always looking for a way to download videos from social networking sites. This mythical shortcut downloads videos from Instagram (Normal Video, Story or Rails), Twitter, TikTok without watermark, and YouTube Shortcut … Read more

Russia wants to regain control of 3 religious sites in Jerusalem, before Israel claims it

loading… The Ascension Russian Orthodox Church is located on the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem. Foto/ JERUSALEM – Deputy Chair of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society Igor Ashurbeyli has confirmed that Russia plans to regain ownership of three historical religious sites on the Mount of Olives. The statement was reported by on Friday (3/6/2022). Russian … Read more

More citizens come for reinforcement of vaccines against COVID-19 in the face of an increase in cases. These are the sites and times enabled for this weekend in Guayaquil, Durán and Samborondón | Community | Guayaquil

“In my work they already asked me for the updated certificate with the third dose”, “I came to get the reinforcement because it scares me with the increase in cases”. These were the expressions of young people who went on Friday to have the second reinforcement (fourth dose) anti-COVID-19 applied to them at a vaccination … Read more

Lamita Franjieh ignites the communication sites with a breathtaking look.. She wore very short shorts, revealing the hidden!

2022/06/04 It’s 11:40 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite The Lebanese model, Lamita Franjieh, posted a new photo of her on her personal page on the social networking site, in which she showed the beauty of her body and wore clothes that captured the hearts of followers. In detail, Lamita wore short green clothes and … Read more

Hacker Killnet attempted to attack Genoa and Savona – Liguria port sites

Blocked by the postal police of Genoa and by the technicians of the Asdp Port Authority The site of the port system authorities of Genoa and Savona ended up under hacker attack this morning. It was the Port Authority itself that gave the news in a short press release: The attack was repelled thanks to … Read more