Karol G poses from the comfort of her bathroom and can be seen sitting on the toilet

The Colombian Karol G interacts with her more than 58 million followers on Instagram. Foto: Ethan Miller / Getty Images Singer Karol G last Saturday he surprised his more than 58 million followers with whom he has in the camera’s social network, and it is that he shared a photo gallery of what he has … Read more

The risks of being physically inactive or sitting too long

Our lives are not only more sedentary than those of our grandparents: we are spending more and more time in a seated position. In recent years, various speakers have alleged that this habit can have negative consequences on health. the Rumor Detector explored what it was. Several media echoed these concerns (ici et ici). Some … Read more

Spetalen has further bought up Equinor – sitting on shares worth close to DKK 90 million.

The article continues below the ad In the weekend mentioned DN that Øystein Stray Spetalen had recently bought 190,000 shares in Equinor, a holding that was then the only Equinor shares Spetalen had. The shares were bought through Spetalen’s investment company Tycoon Industrier, and new shareholder lists now show that Spetalen has bought a further … Read more

How often do you have to get up and how much to walk if you spend a lot of time sitting down, according to a study

The overweight, obesity and diabetes, among other non-communicable diseases, are on a worrying rise. Poor nutrition is one of the factors driving this progress, but it is not the only one: the physical inactivity also plays a central role. The causes of the problem are clear: the world population eats worse and moves less. On … Read more

Sitting all day? This simple technique makes it possible to limit the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle

Sitting for a prolonged period is associated with deleterious health outcomes. But how often should we get up from our chair and for how long? ” Five minutes every half hour say the researchers of a new study. A research conducted by exercise physiologists at Columbia University offers a simple prescription to combat sedentary lifestyle … Read more

the star sitting on injections was informed about cancer, details, latest news, 2023 :: Show business :: Dni.ru

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Spending a lot of time sitting is harmful to health. Learn how to avoid problems!

Spending a lot of time sitting can trigger negative health consequences. To contain the impacts, it is worth taking a few breaks to get up and walk 12 jan 2023 – 13h58 (updated at 5:43 pm) Spending a lot of time sitting can have negative health impacts, according to a study conducted by Columbia University … Read more

Will Sanne Cant face her biggest challenge in 14 years on Saturday? “Sitting on the couch was weird” | BK cyclocross

Top favorite Sanne Cant is preparing for the BK among the elite women in the woods of Lichtaart. On Saturday at 3.15 pm she will compete for her 14th title in a row. And she realizes that this is not obvious.” “The more I think about it, the more unrealistic it seems. Hopefullyit will last,” … Read more