What is the difference between lunar and solar eclipses? This is the explanation

Jakarta – Eclipse is a celestial phenomenon that sees the sun, earth, and moon. Earth and moon are celestial bodies that do not have their own light, unlike the sun. If the moon and the earth are exposed to sunlight then the back of the moon or the earth will form a shadow. An eclipse … Read more

3 Rare Sky Phenomena Occurs in June-July, Check Out the Time! page all

KOMPAS.com – This rare space phenomenon will return to Indonesia’s skies during the months of June to July. There will be three rare phenomenon which the public can see. The three celestial events that can be witnessed, namely the Super Strawberry Purnama (Full Strawberry Supermoon), Micro Strawberry New Moon (New Strawberry Supermoon), and Full Moon … Read more

There is a Phenomenon of 5 Parallel Planets in June 2022, What Is the Impact on Earth?

THAT/Y. beletsky Parallel sky phenomenon. Bobo.id – Ada sky phenomenon interesting in June 2022, guys. The phenomenon of the sky on the moon June 2022 is five parallel planets The Milky Way galaxy will appear parallel to Earth. Nah, the phenomenon of the sky 5 parallel planets it will be June 24, 2022. The five … Read more

5 Planets ‘hanging out’ together at dawn until June 30, RI can enjoy it

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Indonesia is said to be able to see the five phenomena parallel planets alias conjunction until June 30, 2022. The condition is, a qualified telescope, fine weatherand monitored the morning before dawn. Researcher from the Space Research Center of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Andi Pangerang said the phenomenon … Read more

An Asteroid 3 Times the Size of a Blue Whale Passes Earth Today, What Asteroid Is It?

Pixabay.com A large asteroid crossed the earth today. Bobo.id – According to a report from NASA, an asteroid that is 3 times the size blue whale size will cross Earth today (6/6/2022). The asteroid, named 2021 GT2, will pass at a speed of more than 16,000 mph or 26,000 km / h. No need to … Read more

List of Sky Phenomena in June 2022, There is a stretch of the Milky Way, Meteor Showers, to the Strawberry Moon

PR DEPOK – Entering the moon June 2022, there are many sky phenomenon interesting that you can observe its beauty. Watch this article until the end to find out the date and time sky phenomenon in the moon June 2022 that will happen. A number of sky phenomenon moon June 2022 of which there is … Read more

Horror! The Sky in Red China Lights Like Doomsday

Jakarta – In China there is a natural phenomenon that looks terrible. The sky in Zhejiang Province turned fiery red, like a scene of destruction in a science fiction movie. The local meteorological bureau of Zhoushan, a city in East China’s Zhejiang Province, announced on Sunday (8/5) local time that red sky flaming that appears … Read more

5 Sky Phenomena in May 2022, Meteor Showers to Total Lunar Eclipse

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Astronomy lovers will be spoiled for choice by a series of celestial phenomena that will occur in May 2022, starting from meteor Rain until Total lunar eclipse. May this year will open with the phenomenon of a Partial Solar Eclipse. Although it cannot be seen directly from Indonesia, this phenomenon can … Read more

The Phenomenon of the Ramadan Sky Throughout April 2022: Superior Conjunction of Mercury to Meteor Showers

KOMPAS.com – There are many phenomenasky phenomenon interesting for you to watch in April 2022. sky phenomenon This will accompany you throughout the fast Ramadhan. The phenomenon of the Ramadan sky that you can watch with your family at home, starting from conjunction superior Merkurius Conjunction Saturn-Mars, Meteor Rain Lyrid, Quartet Conjunction, Quintet Conjunction, Jupiter … Read more

5 Sky Phenomena in March 2022, Don’t Miss

Illustration of Supermoon or Full Moon. (Pixabay) Hitekno.com – There are some sky phenomenon what will happen to March 2022 this. Some are clearly visible, some are not. Suara.com reports, throughout March 2022 there will be several events or events phenomenon sky. Such as conjunctions to meteor showers. Reported from In The SkyWednesday (2/3/2022), here … Read more