Day with pleasant weather in the region

The weather will have similar characteristics for the next 72 hours. This Tuesday, November 3, the weather will have the characteristics that it had on Monday, and that will have the remaining days in San Lorenzo and the region. The temperature will be around a maximum of 29ÂșC in the afternoon, while the sky will … Read more

WoW: Echo, a new guild formed by the old Method stiffeners – Breakflip – News, Guides and Tips

Scripe, Nnoggie, Fragnance, Jeath, Justwait… legendary pseudonyms having left Method last monthr. Their future had remained uncertain: would an existing structure have wanted to recruit them? Would the group break up, with each player going to other guilds in Europe like Pieces? Or were they going to create a new guild? This last possibility turns … Read more