Samuel L. Jackson talks about slavery in a miniseries – Film and TV – Culture

In 2012 Samuel L. Jackson played Stephen in the movie Django Unchained. His character was a slave who had managed to adapt submissively to his life of oppression and worked as his master’s assistants. A man who did not want the dynamics of oppression to change. That role attracted a lot of attention and Jackson … Read more

The palace where Prince William and Kate Middleton live, investigated for links to slavery

Kensington Palace is being investigated for its link to slavesAs a result of the Black Lives Matter movement, protests and investigations into the links of current institutions such as universities and banks with the colonial past and even heritage buildings such as the Kensington Palace, where the Dukes of Cambrigde live with their three children. … Read more

UN rapporteur: The Netherlands on the right track, but more attention to slavery

The Netherlands is making progress in tackling racism and discrimination. That says UN rapporteur Tendayi Achiume in the AD. Today she presents her report on the situation in the Netherlands. Achiume says in the newspaper that the legal frameworks in the Netherlands are strong. “And there seems to be progress in the debate about Zwarte … Read more

Sewing clothes for just 2 to 5 euros per hour: “Textile factories in Leicester run on modern slavery”

Working conditions have not improved due to the corona pandemic, on the contrary. The poorly paid workers were exposed to high risks at the beginning of the corona crisis. They worked closely together and did not wear gloves or masks. (The masks do appear in the Sky News report.) Interior Minister Priti Patel stressed to … Read more