Understand the importance of regular sleep for child development

Photo: Disclosure / Pexel Regardless of age, sleep is important. According to a study released by the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, a medical journal at the University of Oxford, UK, sleep loss can cause a major deterioration in physical and psychological well-being. The study was conducted with approximately two thousand people and, among them, 42% … Read more

12 tips for a healthy sleep

Specialist Psychologist Ezgi Dokuzlu, who said that the need for daily sleep varies from person to person, said, “It can be said that one third of the average human life span is spent in sleep, which is a considerable amount of time. While 7-9 hours of sleep is sufficient for adults, the need for sleep … Read more

“I don’t sleep anymore, I cry”

Posted on Monday, December 6, 2021 at 7:02 p.m. Through Francois Ladouce A first 10-ton rock had already landed on Wednesday in the garden of one of the inhabitants of rue Insevaux in Malonne (Namur), a second in turn threatens to fall. The insurance of the “responsible” local residents refuses to take charge of the … Read more

A shocking and unexpected response, what did Samir Ghanem say about Adel Imam’s kiss to his wife, Dalal Abdel Aziz, in the movie (Sleep in Honey)

Actress Dalal Abdel Aziz, Adel Imam, participated in the movie, Sleeping in Honey, which revolves around the suicide of a young groom on his wedding night under the wheels of a speeding train at night after he failed to prove his manhood. 31251694 The artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz, said that the artist, Adel Imam, during … Read more

A snowstorm blocks customers and employees, they all sleep at Ikea

A misadventure that has turned into a pajama party. It happened yesterday in Aalborg, Denmark: a strong snowstorm hit the town, blocking customers and staff in an Ikea shop. The people inside the shop, about thirty in all, spent the night in the showroom. And luckily for them they got stuck inside Ikea, so they … Read more

A snowstorm in Denmark forced shoppers to sleep in an IKEA store

Several people from the toy store next door also asked for shelter at the IKEA store. Store manager Peter Elmrose said the group slept in a showroom with beds, mattresses and sofa beds. “It’s a new situation in itself,” he told the local Nordjyske newspaper. Customers and employees got snowed in at IKEA in Aalborg … Read more

A shocking confession.. Yousra: I craved my father-in-law on the plane and wished I could sleep with him even for one night, and so he responded immediately!

The Egyptian star, Yousra, was known for her boldness in many of her artworks, statements, and press and television interviews, which makes her vulnerable to attack and criticism from some media and social media platforms. 80332098 The star, Yusra, had made bold and exciting confessions, a short time ago, about what happened between her and … Read more

Michelle Barrett had to sleep at Ikea due to the snowy weather in Denmark

The heavy snowfall that has ravaged large parts of Denmark over the past 24 hours has led to more people having to seek shelter. The police in North Jutland have come up with several warnings on Twitter through the night and advised against all unnecessary traffic out in the terrible storm. One of those who … Read more