The Egyptian preacher, Mabrouk Attia, gets angry because of a bad habit that the spouses do when sleeping: (The man will not sleep unless he feels this.

Dr. Mabrouk Attia, former dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies at Al-Azhar University, denounced the fact that some husbands do not sleep in their wives’ rooms. Mabrouk Attia, former dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies at Al-Azhar University, said in a video clip of him on his Facebook page: I want to say … Read more

the vibrations of the highway, which adjoins his house in Cuesmes, ruin his life!

Published on Wednesday, August 10, 2022 at 06:22 Par Jessica Collini Salvatore, 65, is exhausted. The vibrations of the R5, located just behind his home, poison his life to such an extent that he can no longer sleep upstairs… Salvatore Ruta has lived for eight years on rue des Champs in Cuesmes. Just behind his … Read more

Neighbors complain that the Egyptian doctor is seducing her boyfriend to sleep.. And when they broke into her apartment, something happened that no one expected!! (fireworks details)

2022/08/09 It’s 05:40 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite The Egyptian Public Prosecution decided to imprison 3 people and presented a fourth to a government hospital for a medical examination, and to release a fifth accused, a housewife, after they were accused of causing the suicide of a doctor who threw herself from the balcony … Read more

Spiders also sleep, this study proves – Some of you may feel curious, do animals like two by two also sleep. Apparently in a study, researchers managed to show that spiders also sleep like humans. Quoted from PhysTuesday (9/8/2022) in the study researchers recorded baby jumping spiders (E. arcuata) at night to see if the spider is really sleeping. Read … Read more

“When it’s 38°C, it’s hellish to sleep”: how do campers withstand this heat?

The week will give way to very hot and largely sunny weather. 28 degrees are already announced on Monday before a gradual rise in temperatures. For vacationers who have chosen camping, whether in tents, caravans or bungalows without air conditioning, temperatures can quickly exceed those outside by a few degrees. This weather pushes campers to … Read more

The symptom of bowel cancer appears at night! If you wake up like this from your sleep… – Gallery

Roza Gallery Roza Health The symptom of bowel cancer appears at night! If you wake up like this… Taking action as soon as bowel cancer symptoms appear is lifesaving. Otherwise, a long-standing tumor will become much more difficult to treat. A sign that makes you feel like you’re getting worse at night can be an … Read more

With boldness and without the slightest shame .. a Saudi teenager confesses the reason for her refusal to sleep with her husband .. she will not expect the reason!

The Saudi writer Amal Al-Harbi surprised everyone by answering a question about the dowry she would ask for if she was offered a marriage, noting that the dowry would be a condition for approval of the marriage. She explained during her interview with the program “Stages” broadcast on SBC that the dowry that she will … Read more

A More Effective Mind Opening Method Than Just Drinking Coffee: Coffee Sleep

Coffee sleep is actually very simple. Let’s say you started to get sleepy and you want to drink coffee to wake up your sleep. If you go to sleep right after drinking your coffee and wake up after about 20 minutes, you will wake up with a clearer mind than both sleeping for 20 minutes … Read more