A sleepy ride of VW Transporters will pass through Prague, including historical pieces

The Volkswagen Bulli, a legend among commercial vehicles, is celebrating its 70th birthday this year. And the celebrations will also take place in Prague. Volkswagen commemorated the historic milestone of the Volkswagen Transporter as early as the beginning of March this year, when it celebrated exactly 70 years since the production of the first Type … Read more

As Biden has to prove that he is not ‘sleepy’ (but before him there was already a “brilliant speech” and an Obama “more or less” destroyer of Trump)

The Democratic National Convention enters this Thursday (Friday morning in Lisbon) on its fourth and final day, after two striking interventions by former President Barack Obama and the party’s vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris. The treadmill (virtual, due to the covid-19 pandemic) will be extended to Joe Biden, whose main task is to prevent Donald … Read more