Exercises to burn abdominal fat from home in just ten minutes

You are probably reading these lines because you ‘gordominal’ it is growing exponentially and you want to remedy it. The extension of your midsection may be due to of the reasons. One of them, although it sounds clich√©, is the aging. As we add years there is a lost of muscle mass, a series of … Read more

Agate Muceniece in a swimsuit shows the result of slimming

Latvian-born actress Agate Muceniece has shared photos from the recreation in a bikini on social networks. As you know, Agate regularly runs and, as previously told on social networks, goes running even if he does not want to. By publishing photos in a yellow bikini, Agate has allowed her followers to appreciate their stature after … Read more

How to lose 50 kilos by eating homemade food and without extra exercise

Although Pratima Lokwani is only 25 years old, the truth is that she has always known that she was overweight. He is only 1.60 tall, but weighed more than 112 kilos, obviously something excessive given his small stature. That is why he made the determination to slim down and return to a weight much more … Read more

What is the best exercise to get in shape? Elsa Pataky has the answer on Instagram

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Slimming arms, legs and abdomen with pressotherapy

Slimming arms, legs and abdomen with pressotherapy. Pressotherapy is an aesthetic treatment that helps remove fluid stagnation on the abdomen, arms and legs. Note to favor it streamlining and firming, is considered a practice for those suffering from swollen legs, cellulite, for those who lead a life that is too sedentary. Here is a small … Read more

The exercise routine of the trainer of Scarlett Johansson

28/06/2020 12:49 – Updated: 28/06/2020 12:52 Scarlett Johansson starred in 2019 Avengers: Endgame, one of the highest grossing films of the year. But in addition mean a great success, the tape was also a challenge for the actress, as he had to undergo a grueling physical training in order to display your physique on the … Read more

Ten tricks to lose weight two kilos in just a week

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The simple exercise to slim down and lose weight quickly

02/06/2020 11:11 – Updated: 02/06/2020 11:19 Since the year 1975, obesity has tripled across the world. Most of 2,000 million people on the planet suffer from overweight, which means that one out of every four people are facing this problem on a daily basis. And of them, a good part of it is obese: more … Read more

What are slimming 10 pounds in 14 days if you follow the rules of the diet Scardale?

Like so many other miracle diets, the diet Scardale ensures a large weight loss and in a short time only if you follow the guidelines designed by its creator, the cardiologist american Herman Ternoveru. During 14 days, the diet Scardale regulates your diet in function of the nutrients that you consume, which must be distributed … Read more