Israel is looking for a new marketing slogan to stand out from the high tech sphere

But, while other countries have adopted the Start-Up Nation marketing brand of Israel, the Israeli brand is becoming obsolete, even if its high-tech sector is still so prosperous. The problem, explained Joanna, is that Israel has become a white label and miss the effect “Country of origin” enjoyed by countries such as Germany or Japan. … Read more

Ivory Coast: 5 days before the presidential vote, Affi N’Guessan still believes that Ivorians will follow the slogan of civil disobedience

Undoubtedly aware of the general indifference measurable in the approach of this presidential issue without issue, he called for an awareness of all Ivorians so that civil disobedience is total, global and general within days of the presidential election, for Affi will say “the dictatorship to which Alassane Ouattara submits to us, mortgage the future … Read more

With the slogan “Homeland or death”, Chavista groups will face the “All Venezuela awake” march called by Juan Guaidó

Chavista Collectives (EFE)Collective groups, many of them armed, that support the Bolivarian revolution, prepare to perform on November 16, before the call for mobilization “All Venezuela awake”, Which Juan Guaidó is doing, and which he announces as the largest mobilization of rejection against the Nicolás Maduro regime. On November 12, all the “commanders” of the … Read more

KFC changes the slogan. After 64 years, he was exhausted by a pandemic

“It’s Finger Lickin ‘Good” is no longer a KFC slogan. The American fast food chain after more than 60 years decided to change the password, considering that the one used so far during the coronavirus pandemic is inappropriate. How will KFC advertise now? KFC withdraws the password After 64 years, KFC withdraws the slogan “It’s … Read more

Companies: KFC suspends ad slogan after 64 years due to coronavirus

Updated 08/25/2020 at 4:56 PM Don’t suck your fingers! That’s what Kentucky Fried Chicken told diners when the company discontinued its traditional “It’s Finger Lickin ‘Good” advertising slogan after 64 years, calling it “the most inappropriate slogan for 2020.” amid the coronavirus pandemic. The suspension will affect the use of the slogan in global advertising … Read more

KFC Removes 60+ Year Slogan As Inappropriate In Times Of Coronavirus

Catherine Tan-Gillespie, KFC’s director of global marketing, acknowledged that the company’s motto “does not fit in today’s environment.” The fast food chain KFC has decided to change, at least temporarily, the slogan that has accompanied the brand for 64 years, since it considers that it contradicts health recommendations to avoid contagion with coronavirus, indicates a … Read more

After 64 years, KFC stops with the slogan ‘It’s finger lickin’ good ‘by corona | Abroad

“At the moment the slogan does not feel right,” the fast food chain says on its website. “That’s why we put him on pause in our advertisements, for a while.” KFC promises the fans that the slogan, which in the Netherlands means ‘to lick your fingers’, will come back anyway: “At the right time.” Lunch … Read more

Saleh flirts with Fyler … and 4 players raise the slogan “Ali Al-Dahkaia” at Al-Ahly .. Pictures

Saleh Jumaa, the game maker for Al-Ahly Club, appeared in more than one shot during the training of the red team, remarkably, as he tried to convince Rene Fyler, coach of the team, to the “football repentance” of the Red Castle player, and Jumah appeared in skilled and other shots in which he dealt seriously … Read more

VTM will broadcast on 4 channels after the summer: Q2, Vitaya and CAZ become VTM2, VTM3 and VTM4, slogan “VTM colors your day” is back

At the start of the new television season at the end of the summer, the cards at DPG Media are thoroughly shuffled. The current channels Q2, Vitaya and CAZ will disappear from the screen from 31 August. Q2 will be transformed into a second VTM: a channel for a wide audience. And so VTM broadcasts … Read more