Policymakers may see a slower decline in inflation in the euro area

2017 November 6 A container ship is visible in the port of Hamburg, Germany, at the Eurok cargo terminal. REUTERS / Fabian Bemer Two European Central Bank policymakers said on Friday that inflation in the eurozone could fall more slowly than previously thought, partly due to persistent supply chain obstacles, but the ECB should not … Read more

Disney + is growing slower than expected. Netflix keeps running away from him – AVmania.cz

The Walt Disney Company yesterday revealed financial results for the past quarter and with it a closer look at the operation of its streaming services. The main focus was on the performance of Disney +, Netflix’s most ambitious competition. Plusko already has 118.1 million subscribers after two years, which is 60% more than last year. … Read more

Study: Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers Respond to the Covid-19 Vaccine Slower

Illustration of pregnant woman. (Arkadia Digital Media/Ema Rohimah) Himedik.com – The new study found that pregnant mother and breast-feed respond to injection Covid-19 vaccine slower than other women. They also have less powerful antibodies to fight the Covid-19 coronavirus. However, the study also found that the response of pregnant and lactating women to the second … Read more

8-core 14-inch MacBook Pro, multi-core performance 20% slower than 10-core model… Benchmark test results released

The US online IT media MacRumors reported that the benchmark test results of the 14-inch MacBook Pro equipped with the 8-core M1 Pro chip were released. According to the media, the Geekbench 5 test revealed that the 8-core M1 Pro chip version MacBook Pro had 20% slower multi-core performance than the 10-core model. The benchmark … Read more

The MacBook Pro 8-Core 14-Inch is about 20% slower than the 10-Core model in the multi-core benchmark.

The first one looks legit. Geekbench score 5 As for the base model, the 14-inch MacBook Pro features an octa-core M1 Pro chip, and as expected, the 8-core model is about 20% slower than the 10-core model in multiplayer. – Core performance. The 10-core model has 8 performance cores and 2 efficiency cores, and the … Read more

Windows 11: First update makes AMD computers even slower – Microsoft

In addition to the controversy surrounding the sharply increased minimum requirements, the start of Windows 11 is accompanied by a second discussion: the one about performance problems with many computers with AMD chips from the Ryzen series. Now Microsoft has released the first bug fix update – and apparently is making things even worse.

Outside the World Cup|Japan narrowly beats Australia to qualify and hopes Moriho is a handsome man, the pressure is slightly slower (20:45)-20211012-Sports-News

The Japanese team played 1 win, 2 losses and only scored 1 goal in Group B outside the World Cup in Asia. They were thrown away by 6 points by the Australian and Saudi Arabian teams, who had won all three games. They returned to the Saitama 2002 Stadium tonight where there were spectators again. … Read more

AMD: Windows 11 is up to 15 percent slower on AMD CPUs, fixes coming in October – Computer – News

The difference lies in binning: -Intel makes good and ‘even better’ monolithic CPUs (old generation you mention), random. They fall into a bin, are tested, ranked by performance of _worst core_, and separated from each other in groups. Then each performance group goes into a different SKU with a different max freq, which is therefore … Read more