The installation of ‘smart meters’ is progressing little by little in the country, can we oppose it?

Do we have to accept this change of meter? According to the CWaPE (the Walloon Energy Commission), “you cannot oppose the installation of a smart meter, nor request its removal except for electrosensitive people.“ And no medical document is required to certify your electrosensitivity. Declaring it is enough. However, in some cases, even for electrosensitive … Read more

Science fiction in our port: Port of Antwerp-Bruges builds virtual world with drones, smart cameras and sensors (Antwerp)

In addition to the physical port with its containers and ships, Port of Antwerp-Bruges is building a virtual copy that collects a wealth of data. Thanks to a digital nervous system of cameras, drones and sensors, the authorities will soon be able to control every corner of the vast port area with one click of … Read more

Xiaomi releases Smart Door Lock E10 with built-in doorbell for the Chinese market – Image and sound – News

Xiaomi has unveiled the Smart Door Lock E10 with built-in doorbell for the Chinese market. The smart lock is also equipped with a fingerprint scanner, a keypad and NFC, so that a door can be opened in several ways. The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E10 has a built-in doorbell. The smart lock can play an … Read more

The smart phone giant has arrived!!.. the oppo A1 pro 5G phone, with record specifications and prices.. know the price now!!

The company OPPO is one of the most companies that manufacture smart phones, and the company OPPO has shown good performance in the manufacture of phones in recent years, and the company holds OPPO fourth place in the world in its share of the smart phone market by 11% and the second in China by … Read more

Thing. The most necessary thing before the New Year is a smart garland for the Christmas tree, inexpensive

The New Year will come in a month, which means that soon there will be a Christmas tree in many houses. A great Christmas tree decoration is a garland, especially when it is smart and with LEDs. The garland has a length of 10 meters and is powered by a USB-A connector. It is protected … Read more

Overview of the smart speaker VK Capsule Neo | Comparison of VK Capsule Neo and Capsule Mini

While the technology market in Russia is in a fever, smart speakers feel great. In just 9 months of 2022, 1.35 million units were sold. The segment grew by 80%. And the mi-mi-bear VK Capsule Mini breaks records: over the same period, sales increased by 2.6 times. The column has become a staple among VK … Read more

Huawei is teasing a smart watch with earphones inside

More posts In 2014, Huawei introduced its smart bracelet, the TalkBand B1, with which a Bluetooth earphone was integrated, and since then the company has launched many versions of the smart bracelet. TalkBand B1 Now, the Chinese tech giant has revealed that it intends to introduce a smart watch that incorporates wireless earphones into it, … Read more

Lidl launches its new Monsieur Cuisine Smart kitchen robot with new features that will be a sales success

Every time a new one goes on sale household product of Lidl sales multiply, and it is that without a doubt the quality that they offer to the consumer are really positive. In this case, you have launched the new kitchen robot Monsieur Cuisine Smart with new features and more power than ever. In addition, … Read more