Tragedy. A bus carrying a youth football team crashed off a bridge, four people did not survive the accident

The youth team was returning from Ubaporanga, where they played two tournaments for players under 16 and under 18, to the city of Duque de Caxias. In the younger category, the players finished second, the older ones already dominated the tournament without any problems. “Everyone was happy to win the tournament and then unfortunately it … Read more

An avalanche in the High Tatras killed two climbers

The fall of the avalanche was reported on Sunday evening by a Polish mountaineer between the first and second Grósz icefalls. He himself remained partially buried. But he did not know what happened to his two colleagues. Mountain rescuers searched the place. Using an avalanche search engine, they located the missing climbers, then dug them … Read more

The Ukrainian family fled to Slovakia before death. A man died in a crash

A Ukrainian couple fled the Russian invasion of Slovakia. But he did not find happiness there for a long time either. Pregnant 30-year-old Alona and her 11-year-old son from a previous relationship Lev lost their expectant father Oleksandr in a tragic traffic accident. Before death, a Ukrainian family was fleeing their country, which was invaded … Read more

A young woman died in an accident in Klatovsk, four other people were injured

The driver, born in 1999, was driving along the second-class road in the direction from Nýrsko to Klatovy. She was accompanied by a passenger of the same age in an Opel Astra passenger car. “At the level of the village of Starý Láz, for reasons that have not yet been determined, the driver drove in … Read more

“It’s just waiting to die. The slapping league is drawing criticism, but it was invented by the head of the UFC

The principle is simple. Two opponents against each other, each has thirty seconds to slap the other. The winner is the one who survives three rounds or gets more points from the jury. However, the new Power Slap show outraged the combat sports public. At the same time, the head of the popular mixed martial … Read more

A butcher was killed by a pig at a slaughterhouse in Hong Kong

A butcher worked in a slaughterhouse on the northern edge of the city near the border with mainland China. But the pig, which he had previously stunned with a stun gun, woke up and knocked him over, CNN reported with reference to the local police. The man was then found by a colleague lying unconscious … Read more

Marfuš will rest in the same cemetery as Gorbachev: Cysts on the brain

In 2012 she slipped and broke her hands, a year later she was diagnosed with heart problems, in 2019 she collapsed from the stage, she claimed that myopia caused it, but doctors discovered endotoxicosis. Still, she wanted to continue playing with full energy. She planned her return in February. In our country, we know her … Read more

Tragedy. The Slovak representative died, the police are investigating a possible murder

Although he was ranked 283rd in the international rankings, he always represented his country with honor. The police, who are investigating the death of the 31-year-old athlete, did not provide further information, but the Slovak media confirmed that it was Cellera. He was supposed to have fallen from the stairs of a Bratislava business on … Read more

The death of Jana and her son in the Giant Mountains hit the family hard. There will be no funeral service

The death of a 40-year-old woman and her three-year-old boy in the Krkonoše Mountains affected the whole of the Czechia, but most of all the family. Relatives cannot believe that the police are treating the case as a murder-suicide. The mother of the deceased woman admitted this to Deník Blesk, saying that the family is … Read more