Arrested in Upata for smuggling strategic material

The citizens were traveling aboard a van bound for the El Callao municipality. Two subjects were apprehended by officials of the Piar Municipal Police for smuggling strategic material. The uniformed officers attached to the Surveillance and Patrol Service carried out the procedure in the La Armonía sector, in Upata. Citizens moved four cylinders of domestic … Read more

Pakistani police crackdown on organ smuggling networks

MISSING: The 14-year-old boy must have been reported missing from the city of Lahore, which is four and a half hours away from Islamabad. Photo: ARIF ALI / AFP Six people have been arrested for organ smuggling in Pakistan after a missing 14-year-old boy was found in an underground laboratory with his kidney removed. According … Read more

Hiding in a bicycle, turning into sugar cubes… drug smuggling from the US caught

◀ Anchor ▶ An international drug organization that brought in a large amount of methamphetamine worth 90 billion won from the United States and which can be administered to 900,000 people at the same time was caught. Drug smuggling is always the case, but the ways they hid drugs to avoid customs control were amazing. … Read more

The football representative smuggled 100 kg of cocaine, he is in custody awaiting sentencing

The native of Martinique, who has been playing for the national team for over a decade, which plays in international football events such as the North, Central American and Caribbean Football Championship, was detained in Paris at Charles de Gaulle airport with his partner. More than 100 kg of cocaine was found in their suitcases. … Read more

NL’s “football agent” gets 16 years in prison in England for drug smuggling

The 61-year-old Antwerp-Dutch “football agent” Abraham S. from Goes was sentenced to 16 years in prison in England on Wednesday for transporting 74 kilos of heroin and 128 kilos of cocaine that were seized at the Channel Tunnel terminal last spring. At the beginning of this month, S. was sentenced to five years in prison … Read more

The USA accuses seven persons of smuggling to Russia through Estonia / Article

One of the defendants, who could be an employee of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), was discovered in Estonia by the local Security Police. All seven defendants have been acting on behalf of the Russian companies “Serniya Engineering” and “Sertal” since at least 2017. Both companies are already subject to US sanctions. The two … Read more

The border guards of Druskininkai forcibly put down a drone that had flown in from Belarus

On Tuesday evening, the officers of the Druskininkai border checkpoint of the VSAT Varėnas border team, assisted by colleagues from the team’s Criminal Intelligence Department, recorded a drone that had flown in from Belarus with an attached cargo. This place is located right next to the border in the Raigard Valley at the entrance of … Read more

A “legal expert” reveals a shocking punishment awaiting the artist, “Mena Shalaby”, in the event that her involvement in drug smuggling is proven.

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Egyptian legal expert Ashraf Farahat revealed the expected punishment against the artist, Menna Shalaby, if the report of the chemical laboratory proves that the seizures that were seized in her possession at Cairo Airport are drugs. He said that the prosecution released the artist on bail of 50 thousand pounds, and therefore she … Read more

The officer was surprised that the passenger’s wheelchair could not turn, it turned out that it contained cocaine

New York – Customs officers at JFK International Airport in New York felt strange about a passenger’s wheelchair that couldn’t turn. As it turned out, the wheel contained cocaine. Cocaine worth US$ 450,000 or the equivalent of Rp. 7 billion, the attempt was made to be smuggled into the United States from the Dominican Republic. … Read more