Hokkaido’s snow scene surprises the North Coast? “Pallet Truck Trapped in Snow” Truth Exposes People Shocked-Social-China Times News Network

“Surprised to see the snow scene on the Binhai Highway of the Second Line of Taiwan?” At 1:00 p.m. today, a trailer truck was loaded with white calcium carbonate powder on the 113-kilometer Gongliao section of the Second Line of Taiwan in Gongliao District, New Taipei City. It was suspected that the goods behind were … Read more

Weather. Lack of snow favors summer droughts.

The rain-snow limit rises, and if it snows, the accumulations are less than usual. The consequences are more and more drought periods in summer and autumn, warn scientists from Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. The ski areas struggled at the start of this winter (archives). ATS Winter 2022/23 started more than timidly. In many areas, … Read more

Tragedy in the snow. A skiing champion died in an avalanche

2015 U.S. World Skiing Champion Kyle Smaine died in an avalanche in Japan on Sunday. The death of the thirty-one-year-old former U-ramp champion was reported by the American national team of acrobatic skiers on social networks. Smaine was with friends on a backcountry trip near the Cugaike Ski Resort in Nagano Prefecture. According to the … Read more

Ice and snow covered the road. It is being demolished almost all over the Czech Republic

Updated 12:44, 31/01/2023 31. 1. 2023, 07:06 Firefighters in Vysočina have had a busy night. They had to go to traffic accidents in several places. In the most serious accident, two trucks collided. For one of the drivers of the wrecked truck, firefighters even had to use hydraulic tools to extricate the man from the … Read more

“Shadow” Heavy Snow Has Been Falling in the U.S. 85 Vehicles and Nearly 30 Injured in a Serial Chase-International

Heavy snow keeps hitting 85 vehicles in the United States and nearly 30 people are injured Heavy snow continued in the Midwest of the United States. At about 12:30 on the 27th in Rock County (Rock County) in southern Wisconsin, at least 85 vehicles crashed into a ball on Interstate 39/90 due to icy and … Read more

Snow and cold expected in the Saratov region – Region 64

In the Saratov region on Saturday, January 28, partly cloudy weather will remain, without significant precipitation. In the morning, in some places fog, hoarfrost. Wind of variable directions up to 5 m/s. The air temperature will be -8…-3°. On Sunday, January 29, the weather will not change dramatically, but at the beginning of next week, … Read more

MBC News | Water supply facility damaged in cattle barn due to cold wave Intermittent snow in Satsuma region Cold day without temperature rise Kagoshima Prefecture

A cold wave damaged the water supply facility of the cowshed Intermittent snow in the Satsuma region A cold day with no temperature rise Kagoshima Prefecture[01/28 19:10] In the Satsuma region, from the night of the 27th to the morning of the 28th, there were places where it snowed. It’s been a cold day with … Read more

It snowed again in western Slovakia, including Bratislava. Another wave of snow is approaching

During the night, it snowed in several places, especially in western and northwestern Slovakia. Although the snow cover is not significant, it is definitely pleasing. However, another wave of snow will soon arrive, which will bring even more significant precipitation. Several areas of our territory, especially in western and northwestern Slovakia, woke up at dawn … Read more

Skodas on snow and ice

Very specific tests But enough numbers. Let’s go to driving impressions from a wonderful circuit on a frozen lake covered with a layer of snow. The author of the article could test all Škoda cars with all-wheel drive and almost the entire range of engines on the same track for hours, and compare them with … Read more