Saudi Arabia’s desert changes color after a rare hailstorm hits the courtyard all

RIYADH, – Desert Saudi Arabia turns white after being blanketed snow and the ice follows’hail storm‘ which is very rare. Snow and ice covers the dunes after temperatures drop below freezing, and encourages locals to enjoy the weather and play snowball. Also read: Lost for 4 months, this dog was found covered in snow … Read more

“Blessing Beijing” Landscape Sculpture Appears in Olympic Tower Amway Nutrilite “Guarding Health and Burning Ice and Snow” to Create a New Olympic Landmark-China Quality News Network

“Blessing Beijing” Landscape Sculpture Appears at Olympic Tower Amway Nutrilite “Guarding Health and Burning Love and Snow” to Create a New Olympic Landmark One city and two Olympics, the fifth ring will shine again in Beijing; the Olympic Tower, a new artistic landmark. On January 21, Beijing Radio and Television, Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion … Read more

China’s Invitation to Ice and Snow | Four Continents Figure Skating Championships Korean Players Win Gold

China’s Invitation to Ice and Snow | Four Continents Figure Skating Championships Korean Players Win Gold Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau released sports events Qinghai sports event information is released in a timely manner, dynamic events are presented in an all-round way, and you can feel the perfect combination of beautiful Qinghai and sports. Happy Running … Read more

Above the ice and snow, the light of the five rings is painted – yqqlm

<!–enpproperty 354659462022-01-23 02:36:47.0冰雪之上,绘五环之光冰雪24108光明日报光明日报/enpproperty–>  【Artistic view】 Guangming Daily reporter Tian Ni Guangming Daily correspondent Zhu Hong In the palm-sized picture of 9.6cm×11.1cm, in the freezing winter, some people on the ice are dancing lightly with their backs bowed, and some people adjust their body weight slightly cautiously. The soldiers of the Eighth Route Army and the … Read more

SNOW Imminent, soon It will fall almost to the PLAINS. The Regions at Risk and the expected accumulations »

Weather: SNOW Imminent, soon it will fall almost to the PLAINS. The Regions at Risk and the expected accumulations Pay attention to the ASE effect (Adriatic Snow Effect)In these hours, the irruption of a cold front descending from Russia and piloted by arctic currents is underway. In addition to cold, will also return name and … Read more

Traffic on the Via Baltica has been paralyzed for 55 kilometers due to snow and accidents

Due to difficult weather conditions and several traffic accidents, traffic on the Via Baltica road in Lithuania, which stretches from about 55 kilometers from Marijampolė to the Polish border, was paralyzed on Friday. According to Ieva Šlivinskiene, a representative of the Marijampolė police, the road maintenance services are unable to clear the snow and scatter … Read more

Weather, Sunday 23 some rain and snow at hilly altitudes in the South

On Sunday 23 the weather situation will remain affected on the one hand by icy currents of arctic origin, and on the other byhigh pressure. The weather will continue to remain mostly stable, with only some cloud cover in the South, accompanied by little rainfall. During the first part of the next week it seems … Read more

Kendall Jenner in a revealing swimsuit on the snow .. did not cover anything!

The international supermodel postedKendall JennerA group of photos through her personal account on the social networking site, in which she appeared wearing a revealing Mayon in black, which did not cover anything of her body. What is remarkable about Kendall’s look is her appearance on the snow in these clothes, which prompted the audience to … Read more

The earth shook in Quebec

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. – An earthquake was recorded in the Lac-Saint-Jean region early in the evening on Wednesday. Citizens felt the tremor and a rumble was heard. The earth shook in Quebec on Wednesday, January 19. The event occurred shortly before 6 p.m., in the Lac-Saint-Jean region. The earthquake was recorded … Read more

If this glacier breaks, West Antarctica will lose a lot of ice

NASA Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica. If these glaciers break loose and melt into the oceans, it could have an impact on the loss of the ice sheet in West Antarctica. – Scientists have reported Glacier Thwaites di Antarctica West, which is the size of East Kalimantan Province, is melting fast. That melting was … Read more