Hercai, age of the actors: how old is the cast of the Turkish soap opera today | FAME

Protagonizada por Ebru Şahin y Akın Akınözü, “Hercai“It is one of the most successful Turkish soap operas in recent years, with fans around the world who have followed Miran and Reyyan’s story from beginning to end, a love story told between classic elements of Ottoman culture and Eastern traditions. MORE INFORMATION: How to see “Hercai”? … Read more

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SURYA.CO.ID – Here’s a list of promos Alfamart and promo Indomaret today, Thursday (16/9/2021). There is discount interesting in mid to late September 2021. Promo Alfamart Recently, there is a cheap redemption program for purchases above 100 thousand. There is also a promo discount washing soap. Temporary Indomaret presents interesting promos until September 21, 2021. … Read more

The juicy contract that Mario Cimarro, the actor of “Pasión de gavilanes” lost | Actors | Soap operas | Actors of soap operas | CHEKA

Updated on 09/13/2021 01:14 pm The Cuban actor Mario Cimarro he fulfilled one of his biggest dreams when he played ‘Juan Reyes’ in “Pasión de gavilanes”. And the thing is that the 50-year-old Caribbean man wanted from a very young age to be able to be recognized internationally for his talent, which he achieved through … Read more

The queen of flow 2 Chapter 90 FINAL what happened: Yeimy’s choice between Charly and Juancho | Season 2 Episode 90 | Netflix soap operas | Colombia | FAME

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. After 90 episodes, the second season of “The queen of flow”Came to an end on September 10, 2021, and after weeks of indecision, Yeimy Montoya clarified her feelings thanks to a letter that Ligia shared on her wedding day and chose between Charly and Juancho. MORE INFORMATION: What happened in the previous … Read more

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8 soap opera stars who have recently come out LGBT – E! Online Latino

There are several actors and actresses in the telenovela industry who have made their sexual orientation public in recent times. At the end of August, the Ecuadorian actor Roberto Manrique, known for starring in hits like Without Breasts There is no Paradise, Wild Flower, The Clone, Husband for rent, and several others, said he felt … Read more

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TRIBUN-BALI.COM – PROMO Alfamart 1 – 2 September 2021: Indomilk UHT 1L Mulai Rp9.900, Sabun, Deterjen, Snack Diskon. It’s already September. It doesn’t feel like time is going so fast. Uncertain conditions require us to be wiser in managing our finances. Taking advantage of promos is one way to save money, but your needs can … Read more

Lorna Cepeda: what did she do after the end of Yo soy Betty, la fea | Peliteñida Patricia Fernández | Netflix soap operas nnda-nnlt | CHEKA

Does not matter the time, “I am Betty the Ugly one”Continues to be one of the most successful soap operas in history. In this production, the Colombian actress Lorna Cepeda she played Patricia Fernández, also known as the ‘Peliteñida’. MORE INFORMATION: The time Lorna Cepeda saved from dying with her boyfriend when her motorcycle rim … Read more

Hercai: why Akin Akinözü fell out with the soap opera production shortly before the end | FAME

After originally released on March 15, 2019, “Hercai”Became one of the most popular Turkish soap operas in recent years, based on a story starring two young talents: Ebru Şahin and Akin Akinozu, in the papers of Reyyan and Miran, respectively. MORE INFORMATION: Who is Akin Akinözü? Due to its compelling history, the show rose to … Read more