Recommended 10 Brands of Facial Bar Soap for 40 years old for healthy and well-groomed skin

URBANDEPOK.COM- ten brands bar soap face for age 40 years this can help make skin you are healthy and well cared for. It’s important to use ten brands bar soap face for age 40 years especially for those of you who often use various products when you are young. Here’s an explanation of the ten … Read more

How to make the biggest soap bubble possible? Scientists have the answer

We have all (or almost) experienced this snub. Who hasn’t tried, equipped with the ad hoc device previously dipped in a slightly iridescent liquid, to create – with a gentle yet decided breath – the most beautiful soap bubble that the air would have ever carried? But ploc!, the coveted ephemeral object explodes in your … Read more

Canal+ launches its first daily soap opera in Africa

The first episode of “Future is ours”, the first daily series from the Canal+ Original label for French-speaking Africa, was broadcast yesterday on Canal+Pop. A “great pride” for the channel and On Est Ensemble Productions. From Dakar to Kinshasa, via Libreville, we have not finished talking about it, we are assured. The creator of this … Read more

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Karina Jordán on her long-distance ‘matri’ with Diego Seyfarth: “I had to be a gypsy and live between Germany and Peru” | soap operas | Artists | Couples | imp | SHOWS

Recently, the beautiful actress Karina Jordán married actor Diego Seyfarth in a dream wedding, after having waited so long due to the Covid 19 pandemic. In this interview she tells us about how complicated it is to maintain a marriage at a distance, what character did it cost him to interpret throughout his professional career … Read more

THE BALL – Draxler and end of soap opera: «Ricardo Horta is not coming, that is clear» (Benfica)

Roger Schmidt prefers to leave the market analysis for Friday – when it is already closed – and that is why he did not confirm Draxler or the central John Brooks, but he did not shy away from talking once again about Ricardo Horta. What can Draxler bring to the team? Is Ricardo Horta’s hypothesis … Read more

“Family love”: what is the Turkish soap opera that will come to Telefe to replace “Hercai” about | Argentinian | nnda nnlt | SHOWS

Turkish soap operas continue to be the favorites of the public in Argentina. In this sense, Telefe has decided to bet on a new Ottoman production named “Our Story” and that in some Latin American countries it is known as “Family Love”. This drama will replace the story of Reyyan and Miran in “Hercai: love … Read more

Dead ex-president creates soap opera amid record-breaking election in Angola – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

There is hardly any country in the world where the population is rising faster than in Angola. Now the country, which is a search kingdom for oil and diamonds, is on its way into a new era. Because the country’s collective memory is about to be split in two. – A completely different value for … Read more