The national football team has 2 wins and 1 loss in the Beach Soccer Asian Cup. Team spirit is the key to advancement_Competition_China Team_Results

Original title: The national football team qualified for the group stage with 2 wins and 1 loss in the Beach Soccer Asian Cup. Team spirit is the key to advancement Do you want to receive such sports information and commentary every day? Please click Follow in the upper right corner of this article, thank you … Read more

Did they go down more or less than expected? See fuel prices

OFuel prices dropped earlier this week, as forecasts indicated. However, the decline was less significant than expected, both in the case of diesel and gasoline. O simple diesel dropped from €1.541/litre on Sunday to €1.515/litre on Monday, which means a reduction of 2.6 centsaccording to data from the General Directorate of Energy and Geology (DGEG). … Read more

Alzheimer’s can affect hands. Watch out for this early symptom

Mrapid jerky movements of a muscle or muscle group can be an early symptom of Alzheimer’s, a neurodegenerative disease that causes progressive memory loss and cognitive decline, language impairment, and even difficulty performing tasks such as paying bills and handling money. In 2015, the medical publication Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements, cited by the Daily … Read more

THE BALL – RB Bragantino de Caixinha is eliminated and misses the meeting with Abel Ferreira in the Paulistão final (Brazil)

RB Bragantino, owned by Pedro Caixinha, failed to qualify for the final of the São Paulo championship, where Palmeiras already was. The club lost on penalties to Água Santa, the surprise team of this championship, which will be in the final for the first time. Água Santa won on penalties by 4-2, after a 1-1 … Read more

The juice that will help you lose weight in a healthy way

QWant to lose weight without compromising your health? Say ‘no’ to exaggerated slimming regimes. Choose to adapt your diet and start exercising regularly. To help you in this process, the Terra portal shared a recipe for grape juice with coconut water that will be a great ally. Take note. Also Read: You only need five … Read more

Find out how many times a day you should poop

A How often we have a bowel movement depends on many factors such as diet, medication, hormonal fluctuation, exercise and stress. However, as is usual in these things, opinions are divided. In fact, there is no right answer. However, you should be aware of some changes, especially in the color, consistency of the stool and … Read more

THE BALL – Portugal crushes Hungary and takes third place in the European (Futsal)

Portugal thrashed, this Sunday, Hungary, by 12-0, and was in third place in the European women’s futsal. After defeating Spain (2-3), two-time champions, in the semi-finals, the team crushed the hosts with goals from Gabriella Kota, Carla Vanessa (3), Sara Ferreira, Lídia Moreira, Carolina Rocha (2), Fifó (2), Janice Silva and Pisko. After the silver … Read more

Shocking video: a man in a parachute was attacked by a shark

By Rosary3 | 19-03-2023 10:45 A 37-year-old tourist was ambushed by a shark while enjoying water sports with a friend at the luxury holiday resort of Aqaba, Jordan. The Jordanian man was strapped to a brightly colored parachute when he suddenly began skimming the ocean. Footage shows the tandem paraglider hovering dangerously close to the … Read more

What are the rules? Can you accumulate? How and who marks them?

O The Labor Code stipulates that workers are entitled, in each calendar year, to a period of paid vacation, which expires on January 1st. Are you aware of the rules? Is it possible to accumulate vacations? How and who makes them? The Authority for Working Conditions (ACT) released a set of questions and answers on … Read more

In the United States, the WBC is a big controversy about whether to do it or not

WBC Pool D, Puerto Rico vs Dominica on March 15th local time. Both teams have MLB star players in their starting lineup, but both lost to Venezuela, and the one who wins advances to the quarterfinals. rice field. In the game, Puerto Rico, who scored 4 points in the 3rd inning with a stormy attack, … Read more