Being infected with Covid before or after the vaccine provides robust immunity against the virus

A public health worker prepares a dose of the Covid vaccine on January 19, 2022, in Tegucigalpa (Honduras). The micron variant has triggered Covid-19 cases in Central America, but also without the strong impact on hospitalizations and deaths that previous waves of the pandemic have had. Gustavo Amador EFE The hybrid immunity conferred by vaccination … Read more

For the first time, a black hole has been found that does not destroy, but creates stars

At the center of the galaxy Henize 2-10, which is located 30 million light-years from Earth, an unusual phenomenon was discovered. A supermassive black hole promotes star formation by compressing the cloud of gas, rather than hindering it and consuming stars, as is usually the case. Using the Hubble telescope, they managed to get a … Read more

Allies appoint José Alencar’s son as Lula’s deputy, says newspaper

Lula’s allies and members of the PT would be working to sign businessman Josué Gomes, son of José Alencar, as a candidate for vice on the ticket with the former president. The information is from the column of Bela Megale from the newspaper Or Balloon this Wednesday the 26th. The name of the businessman would … Read more

84 years since the birth of Vladimir Vysotsky: photo gallery of memory

January 25 is a significant date for fans of the work of Vladimir Vysotsky. He would have turned 84 today. Vysotsky’s songs will be performed at VDNKh in memory of the great figure of Soviet music and cinema, and a house show dedicated to the legendary performer will be held in the Worker and Collective … Read more

Is there cause for concern about rising public debt? – Society and Politics – News

How sustainable and sustainable Latvia’s debt will be in the future depends directly on what we will do today with the borrowed money: by investing it in economic growth, the current level of debt will not cause any serious problems. On the other hand, by “eating” all the money or spending only on current needs … Read more

Covid, how to take care of yourself and protect others: swabs, symptoms, vaccination, dose and care | Everything you need to know about the coronavirus

Given the changes in protocol due to both the virus mutability SARS-CoV-2, as well as the implementations of new regulations of the Ministry of Health, we present a guide to the steps to follow on how to act to prevent the spread of covid. how do i know if i have covid Covid manifests itself … Read more

Pope Francis calls for a prayer for Ukraine on Wednesday

Pope Francis has called on the Roman Catholic Church to pray for peace in Ukraine on Wednesday. “I am concerned about the growing tensions that threaten to give a new blow to peace in Ukraine, and question the security in Europe, which could have even wider consequences,” Francis said after Sunday’s prayer in St. Peter’s … Read more

High and prolonged levels of stress generate intense psychological distress

The high and prolonged levels of stress to which people were subjected, either by the pandemic or the associated economic crisis, led to the development of intense psychological suffering, psychiatrist Maria João Heitor told Lusa. “In addition, there are neuropsychiatric changes in infected people or who have been infected resulting from the direct effect of … Read more

Covid-19 vaccine: Brussels rules out a fourth dose until there is “scientific evidence” | Society

The discussion about a possible fourth dose has landed in the European Union, when not even half of its adult population has yet received the booster. The European Commission has defended this Friday, during an informal and virtual meeting of the Ministers of Health of the Twenty-seven, that the community bloc must be “prepared” to … Read more

Russian parliament to consider recognition of “independence” of occupied Ukrainian territories

Russia’s parliament will consider asking President Vladimir Putin to recognize Moscow-backed militant gangs in the self-proclaimed republic of eastern Ukraine, Vyacheslav Volodin, chairman of the State Duma, said on Friday. The Communists this week submitted a bill to the State Duma calling on Putin to recognize the so-called Lugansk and Donetsk republics, which have been … Read more