‘The Glory’ Kim Gun-woo “There are still many things to show” [쿠키인터뷰]

Actor Kim Gun-woo, who played Son Myung-oh in the Netflix original ‘The Glory’. Netflix Greasy hair grown carelessly, tattoos all over the body, arrogant gestures with a lot of strength on the shoulders… . Son Myung-oh (Kim Gun-woo) in the Netflix original ‘The Glory’ is bad at first glance. If Park Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon) gives … Read more

Consumers who turned their backs after raising movie prices and delivery fees… Changed scenery due to economic recession and high prices

Although recovery to daily life before the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) is underway, Korean theaters are still groaning at the sluggish number of audiences. This is a phenomenon that cannot be explained only by the popularity of unreleased masterpieces and global online video platforms (OTT) such as Netflix. Consumers point to the rapidly rising … Read more

In March, the mood of entrepreneurs improved in all areas of business

The indicators of business confidence in March 2023 in retail trade and the service sector are positive, but in the manufacturing industry and construction, the mood of entrepreneurs, although it continued to improve, is still negative, according to the data of the conjuncture surveys conducted by the Central Statistics Office (CSB). In March, the confidence … Read more

Nea Smyrni: A case of burglary of bank safes was solved

The investigation of a case involving the burglary of five safe deposit boxes of a bank branch, which took place in July 2022, was carried out by EL.AS.. According to its information Hellenic Police, for the incident in question, three foreigners were identified as perpetrators. At the same time, through the investigations, the activity of … Read more

Urban planning for tourism

The establishment of the service is aimed at the faster processing of permits for tourist facilities. Essentially, it concerns the evolution of the Special Service for the Promotion of Tourist Investments, which was established in 2011. [SHUTTERSTOCK] A separate urban planning agency from which hotel businesses with more than 300 beds and all major tourism … Read more

‘Casino’ Choi Min-sik “I just live like that” [쿠키인터뷰]

Actor Choi Min-sik. Walt Disney Company Korea 2015 Philippine Aguiles. Even at first glance, two delinquent men exchange unkind conversations. “Do you know Kwon Mu eleven Hong, older brother? Flowers cannot be red for ten days. That’s what it means.” “It’s not Kwon-moo, it’s Hwa-moo and eleven-hong. You liken flowers to power, man. look at … Read more

Nvidia: Cryptocurrencies do nothing good for society

It is already better to use computer resources for the development of chatbots or other models using artificial intelligence technologies, rather than mining cryptocurrencies, The Guardian quotes. Mr. Kagan believes that chatbots like ChatGPT are a much better investment of computer time. Nvidia has never been very friendly towards the cryptocurrency community, in 2021 the … Read more

Forecast and runners – MONT-DE-MARSAN COURSES SOCIETY PRIZE – 03/26/2023

[17:08] ENGHIEN-SOISY Race n°2 – Prix Du Pont Du Carrousel Inquiry/Complaint in progress [17:07] GB-HUNTINGDON Course n°6 – Racing Tv Mares’ Handicap Hurdle Provisional arrival – 1 Hillfinch – 6 Shesupincourt – 4 Harry’s hottie – 7 Ratoute yutty [17:06] ENGHIEN-SOISY Race n°3 – Prix Du Pont D’iena From our correspondent Romain Oliver, N° 9 … Read more

Heraklion: The 66-year-old accused of raping a minor is in court

At the courthouse Heraklion shortly after eleven in the morning, the 66-year-old man who is accused of sexual acts against a minor was taken. The 66-year-old was initially arrested yesterday for violations of weapons legislation. However, the case against him concerns repeated rape, repeated sexual acts with or in front of minors, repeated pornography of … Read more