Natural gas from Russia flows into Latvia again

Natural gas from Russia once again flowed into Latvia on Tuesday, August 9, according to information on the website of the unified natural gas transmission and storage system operator AS “Conexus Baltic Grid” (“Conexus”). On Tuesday, the amount of power actually used in Luhama for entry from Russia reached 49.5 gigawatt hours (GWh). As the … Read more

Solution for obstetric emergencies may lie in specialist nurses

At the beginning of June, the gynecology-obstetrics emergency services of several hospitals of the National Health Service (SNS) began to give a sign of what would be this summer in terms of the lack of doctors. At that time, several units, from the North to the South of the country, began to have to close, … Read more

Biological medicines protected rheumatic patients from covid-19

Every 15 days, Patrícia Jardim goes one morning to the Clinical Research Center of the Centro Académico de Medicina de Lisboa, on the sixth floor of the Hospital de Santa Maria, to participate in a clinical trial, which studies an innovative biological medicine for who has suffered for 17 years, lupus, which already has a … Read more

Emirates News Agency – “The Quality of Life Council” discusses youth projects and infrastructure initiatives to support the quality of life for the individual and society

Tuesday, August 9, 2022 – 3:23 PM DUBAI, 9th August / WAM/ Her Excellency Hessa bint Issa Bu Humaid, Minister of Community Development and Chairperson of the Quality of Life Council, confirmed that the concept of quality of life has become part of the daily reality targeted for a more stable society and aspiration for … Read more

The detail that caused the split between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

After 9 months of a relationship that seemed ideal, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson separate. A breakup that sent shockwaves through fans of the Kardashian family as the couple seemed closer than ever and ready to move on. The comedian had notably mentioned his desire to become a father in the years to come and … Read more

Monkey pox: “When I heard the first news I deleted myself from dating applications” | Society

“The paranoia that I have caught with monkeypox I did not have with covid, not even close. As soon as I heard the first news I deleted myself from Grindr and from the rest of the dating applications”, says Carles, a young man who this week has been vaccinated at the BCN Checkpoint, an NGO … Read more

″I barely have money to eat, but when we got married I swore to love him″

“How do I deal with this? I don’t, it’s sad. I’ve had my husband in prison for 36 years, first on death row, now with a life sentence, for a crime he didn’t commit. And with covid-19 I couldn’t even visit him. I had to settle for five-minute phone calls.” The bitter words are from … Read more

FNF tribute to five film professionals

The 22th edition of the National Film Festival, which will be held from September 16 to 24 in Tangier, pays tribute to filmmakers Izza Genini and Mohammed Abderrahman Tazi, producer Souad Lamriki, president of the Moroccan Chamber of Cinemas, Al Hosein Boudih, and screenwriter, actor and journalist Ali Hassan, the Moroccan Cinematographic Center (CCM) announced … Read more

The persistence of wage prices in the United States must be stopped

Recent data on price and wage growth shows increasingly clearly that the underlying inflation rate in the US economy is at least 4% and that it is more likely to rise than to fall. to lower. Although the Federal Reserve has acted forcefully in recent months to contain inflation, it will unfortunately have to stick … Read more

Latvians in Australia are interested in how the planned national defense service will affect dual citizens – Society and politics – News

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed that the minister invited compatriots to participate in the discussion on the creation of the service, so that the decisions that will be made are balanced and justified. From August 5 to 7, Rinkēvičs visited the Latvian communities in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, and while meeting with Latvians living … Read more