The Planetary System: Jupiter and Saturn

Today we will talk about two planets of the Solar system: Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is the largest of our planetary system. It resembles a star and is covered in streaks of swirling clouds. YOU CAN SEE: The curse of Tutankhamen, the terrifying myth of the youngest pharaoh of ancient Egypt discovered by Howard Carter … Read more

Ancient Meteorites Possibly Answer the Origin of Water on Earth

Wednesday, 23 November 2022 – 13:03 WIB LIVE Techno – A meteorite an ancient crash in an English driveway might solve the mystery of where it came from air Earth originated. This 4.6 billion year old space rock landed in front of a family home in the English town of Winchcombe in February 2021. It … Read more

5 Theories of the Formation of the Solar System, from the Fog to the Big Bang

Jakarta – The theory of the formation of the solar system describes how the sun, planets, and satellites can form and can work in an orderly system. The process of the formation of the solar system is still a mystery. Because it cannot be observed or tested through experiments. Many theories and hypotheses have been … Read more

Scientists Devise Plans to Capture Interstellar Object

Two suspected interstellar objects have visited the Solar System. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Scientists finally have the technological means to detect interstellar objects. Scientists have detected two interstellar object in recent years, ‘Oumuamua and 2I/Borisov. Borisov behaved like an ordinary comet after entering the Solar System. However, ‘Oumuamua is a completely different object. Oumuamua never developed … Read more

4 reasons why the sun is the center of the solar system, its mass and gravity

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Sun is the celestial body known as the center solar system Milkyway Galaxy. This makes the planets in the galaxy around the Sun. So what is the reason the Sun is the center of the solar system? According to a book entitled Our Earth in the Solar Systemexplained that the Solar System … Read more

6 Facts about the Planet Venus, one of which is called the Morning Star

Jakarta – Planet Venus is one of the planets in the solar system. Known as the brightest celestial body after the Sun and Moon, what are some facts about the Planet Venus? According to the book Alam Semesta by the IPA KP Team, Planet Venus is the brightest celestial body after the Sun and Moon. … Read more

Definition, Theory, and Its Members, from the Sun to Meteors

Jakarta – Earth is one of the members of the system of the universe called solar system. The solar system is a collection of celestial bodies consisting of planets and their satellites with the Sun as the center of circulation, the Sun, asteroids, comets, meteors, and space dust. In this solar system, it was thought … Read more

Definition, Formed Theory, Types and Examples

Jakarta – Galaxy is part of the universe in which it consists of many stars, clouds, dust and gas. The solar system consisting of planets like Earth that we live in is a small part of the galaxy. Galaxy comes from the Greek word galaxies which means milk or in English the milky way (milk … Read more

Life on Earth appeared more than once: what scientists say

The Portuguese astrobiologist suggests that for the first time life on the planet could appear several times, and in different places. Now scientists are intensively looking for life on other planets, but very little is known about how life on Earth originated. Portuguese astrobiologist Zita Martins, who is researching both issues, suggests that life on … Read more

5 Facts Why The Moon Can Be Visible During the Day

“The moon is usually seen between morning and noon, around 10:00 or before noon, this event occurs because the moon is not always in the same position” KENDARI, TELISIK.ID – Who doesn’t know the moon? The only satellite owned by the earth. The moon is the largest natural satellite in the solar system according to … Read more