Get to Know the Planet Allegedly Filled with Sea

Jakarta – Researchers estimate that a planet outside the solar system will be filled with oceans, aka covered in oceans. What planet is this? Quoted from detikEduResearchers revealed that the shape of the mini exoplanet (exoplanet) is currently not its final form. Researchers Susana Barros et al in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics explained, the … Read more

Asteroids are celestial bodies, understand their characteristics and types

One of the things that sets asteroids apart from other shapes is their irregular shape. In addition, there are a number of things that distinguish asteroids from other celestial bodies. The characteristics of asteroids are as follows: 1. Irregular shape Unlike planets which have a round shape resembling a ball, the shape of an asteroid … Read more

What Would Happen If There Was an ‘Extra’ Planet Located Between Jupiter-Mars?

Jakarta – Systems that are in the solar system have their own balance. The planets in the solar system are in such a position that they work as they should. So, what happens if there is an ‘extra’ planet placed between Mars and Jupiter? Reported from detikEdu, University of California-Riverside astrophysicist Stephen Kane has tried … Read more

A Planet Outside The Solar System Is Suspected To Be Turning Into A Water Planet

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The astronomer is analyzing a planet mysterious extrasolar system labeled as HD-207496b. This planet is 138 light years from Earth and is thought to be in the process of transformation. Compared to Earth, this planet has a mass and radius of 6.1 and 2.25 times greater. This exo planet is thought to … Read more

The Oldest Component of the Solar System Turns Out to be on Earth

Jakarta – Earth is the third planet from the Sun within the Solar System and is the only planet that can be inhabited by various types of living things. Earth is known to have factors supporting the life of living things in it such as an atmosphere with free oxygen, gravity, oceans of liquid water … Read more

How an extra planet would end Earth

What would happen if a super-earth was added to the Solar System? According to a new study, a terrestrial planet hovering between Mars and Jupiter would be able to push the Earth out of the Solar System, annihilating all life in the process. With over 5,000 exoplanetsexoplanets inventoried over the past thirty years, scientists have … Read more

Get to know Ceres, an Asteroid Quarter the Size of the Moon –, JAKARTA-Asteroids occasionally continue to hit planets, including Earth. Until finally, NASA carried out the DART Double Asteroid Redirection Test mission which aims to change the orbit of an asteroid through a kinetic impact, in order to test and validate methods to protect Earth in the event of an asteroid collision threat. In short, the … Read more

Two Mysterious “Heartbeat Signals” of the Sun Scientists Find Their Possible Origins | Sun | Solar Flares | Heartbeat Signals | Solar Storms | Solar System | Origins

[Voice of Hope March 5, 2023](Editor: Wang Yiwen) Scientists are baffled by the discovery of two mysterious ‘heartbeat’ signals on the sun. The second “heartbeat” signal was discovered by accident, when scientists were analyzing the first discovery and accidentally found a second mysterious pulse. The researchers are continuing to investigate the two “heartbeat” signals, arguing … Read more

Chinese rover has discovered hidden structures under the surface of Mars: what is known

The Zhurong rover has discovered hidden underground craters and other unknown structures. The Chinese rover Zhurong, thanks to its radar, has provided new information about what is under the surface of the Red Planet. According to Chinese scientists, the data from the rover show that craters are hiding in the depths of Mars, which are … Read more