Strong winds, abundant precipitation: a major system is taking shape

A strong low pressure system is on radar. Hailing from Colorado, this disturbance is laden with moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. It risks opening the door to a mass of warm air, which will interact with the Arctic air, which is firmly planted in the north of the continent. This contrast in temperatures could … Read more

A meteor crosses the skies of Ontario

Spectacular videos captured a meteor lighting up the sky over Niagara Falls and the CN Tower in Toronto. The “less than a meter” object, named #C8FF042, has turned into a fireball, the European Space Agency has confirmed. “A meter-long object struck in the sky above Niagara Falls, becoming a harmless fireball,” the agency wrote on … Read more

Star Academy 2022 – Students sing “Tant qu’on rêve encore” from the musical Le Roi Soleil – Star Academy

Tonight, the time of a song, the Star Academy turns into a musical. For the collegiate of the evening, the students perform the title “As long as we still dream” of the musical Le Roi Soleil. A real show that combines song, dance and interpretation. Star Academy, every Saturday at 9:15 p.m. Find the daily … Read more

North America engulfs in the cold

A large atmospheric trough brings freezing cold. The most amazing? It spreads to northern Mexico. The cold is everywhere The magnitude of this cold is surprising, since it is about to conquer an entire continent. Almost all of North America is affected and goes below normal for the season. It is especially the United States … Read more

First snow: a surprise for Quebec

The surprise effect The first snowfalls often cause a real nightmare. The surprise effect is obvious given that the last accumulations took place in April. Six months later, motorists are back to slippery roads and slowdowns. Sometimes the consequences are more serious. “Early snowfalls have many consequences,” explains Réjean Ouimet, meteorologist. First on the roads, … Read more

A spectacular event visible in November

The moon will appear almost full for several days around November 8 – which may help to give a little more light, at a time when it is becoming increasingly rare. She will rise around 4:37 p.m. on November 7 and bow out around 8:02 a.m. the next morning. Lunar eclipse in sight! An event … Read more

Nest in height: sign of several broadsides to come?

Admittedly, animals and insects are more attuned to their environment than many humans. This is why there are different beliefs about some of their behaviors that would be related to weather conditions or predictions. The height of wasp nests is one of them. A matter of survival first “There is no scientific basis as to … Read more

The figures confirm it: a cold autumn gives this kind of winter

Precursor Autumn Fall often shows harbingers of what the cold season might look like. Over the past thirty years, two cases have stood out: 1989 and 1993. These two winters were particularly cold, while the fall was already cooler than normal. “In 1989, the rupture was brutal during the fall and November projects us into … Read more

The weekend will mark a major shift in Quebec

big bend A paradigm shift will take place over the weekend in Quebec. For several weeks, the province has been subject to a regime of atmospheric lows that trap the cold. Saturday, a peak will settle for a few days and allow the heat to rise to our latitudes. Abnormally hot temperatures Saturday and Sunday, … Read more