Prince Henry and Jill Biden, united in solidarity

It has been a year since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex unilaterally announced their desire to step back from their royal duties and start a new life away from the British royal family. A thoughtful decision within the couple, who already had their first child, and which removed the foundations of Buckingham Palace. Now … Read more

Stories where aesthetics, health and solidarity intertwine

He was studying Social Work when he learned that the Faculty of Medicine of the UNT was opening a Diploma in clinical and aesthetic therapy. “And, although my dream was to help people, aesthetics always ‘could’ me – he says Nancy Juarez, who is a university dermo esthetician-. And this race, of which a single … Read more

Bolivarian Government expresses solidarity with the Philippines after tropical storm Urduja (Kai-Tak)

The Venezuelan people together with the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, express their most heartfelt words of solidarity in the face of the tropical storm Urduja (Kai-Tak), registered on December 18, 2017 in the Provinces of Bilirán, Philippines, causing the death of fifty-four people and approximately twenty-three disappeared, bringing deep sorrow and unease … Read more

Solidarity from the art world in favor of A Creba

For years, the mental health association A Creba has been raising funds thanks to the charity exhibition that the Outes house of culture hosts every Christmas. The exhibition is curated by the cultural facilitator Cristina Carballedo and, on this occasion, a dozen renowned artists from different disciplines collaborate, with a wide range of proposals in … Read more

Solidarity collection in tribute to Fernando Báez Sosa

Family and friends of Fernando Baez Sosa They held a solidarity act this Sunday in Rivadavia Park, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Caballito, to pay tribute to the 19-year-old who was killed by a violent beating attack by a group of rugby players who had formed their bond in the Arsenal Náutico de Zárate … Read more

“Broli: solidarity letters to lung”, with Víctor Fernández and Pedro Copelmayer | the daily

Illustration: Ramiro Alonso January 11, 2021 · Writes German Deagosto in Trade and external sector Victor is 24 years old and studies business management. In 2018 he started with Broli, a social bookstore with a model one for one (1×1): for each book sold, another is donated to a public school in Uruguay. Years later, … Read more

The passionate history of the Salamanca that left a millionaire and solidarity inheritance

Miguel Primo de Rivera sent for “la charrita” Inés Luna Terrero (1885-1953), when he was depressed, as Jesús Málaga recalled in the presentation of his latest book on Salamanca. But the rich heiress who was ahead of her time she was more than just the dictation loverr. Basilio Martín Patino was inspired for “Mirrors in … Read more

Solidarity with the students of the University of Bogaziçi

Thousands of students, teachers and university workers, mobilize against the unconsulted appointment of Melih Bulu as rector of the prestigious Bogaziçi University in Istanbul. Last Friday, January 1st, President Erdogan appointed Melih Bulu, a member of the government party, as rector of the Bogaziçi University. This generated a general malaise in the university community, mainly … Read more

Diego Méntrida’s sporting gesture, which Will Smith made viral, becomes a solidarity initiative

With a small great action, the Spanish triathlete went viral and became an example of sportsmanship. Now, he will seek to contribute his grain of sand in the fight against West Syndrome. Publication date: January 06, 2021, 8:13 p.m. The sporty gesture transcends. “What fulfills me the most is helping my brother,” said the triathlete. … Read more