Effective support should be given to efforts for a political solution in Syria

WALL President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation meeting. Targeting LGBTIQ+s, Erdogan said, “The imposition of LGBT, which has become a global dictatorship, is another threat that aims to weaken both the institution of the family and Islamic values.” Criticizing the West as “preventing people from practicing their religion, interfering with … Read more

Why does the Wi-Fi signal on my smart TV get slow and what is the solution? | Android | sony | Samsung | | Present

Thanks to smart TVwe can watch series and movies through Netflix or view music videos on YouTube. Therefore, it can be frustrating when the Wi-Fi signal from our smart TV it gets stuck a lot. In a sense, we must know the possible causes and how to find the solution. Wi-Fi signal strength is weak … Read more

‘Smart cameras and plasters the solution to healthcare challenges’

This is a part-time professorship, which means that Bouwman can also continue to carry out his work at the Catharina Hospital. According to the brand new professor, healthcare is facing major challenges. Due to the ever-increasing demand for care and the shortage of personnel, it is becoming increasingly important to provide the right care in … Read more

The introduction of the points license blocked by two Walloon parties: “This is not the solution, we just need more control”, says an MR deputy

While the discussion around the license with points is back on the table in our country, a recent survey by the VIAS Institute shows that Walloons drive more often than Flemish people under the influence of alcohol. They would even cause more accidents in this situation. How to explain it? Can the license with points … Read more

Emirates News Agency – Shukr Pashazadeh, spiritual leader of Muslims in Azerbaijan and the Caucasus: Moral values ​​and legal standards are the solution to the challenges facing our world

Wednesday, November 23, 2022 – 9:22 am Fez, November 23 / WAM / His Eminence God, Shukr Pashazadeh, spiritual leader of Muslims in Azerbaijan and the entire Caucasus, member of the Council of Muslim Elders, affirmed that referring to moral values ​​alongside international legal standards; It is the solution to the problems and challenges that … Read more

LG Display Unveils New ‘Thin Actuator Sound Solution’ Car Speakers

MADRID, 21 Nov. (Portaltic/EP) – screen manufacturing company LG Display has presented this Tuesday ‘Thin Actuator Sound Solution’a car speaker thin and light designed to be installed inside the body and offer better sound quality. According to LG, this new sound technology, which will be commercialized in the first half of 2023, ushers in “a … Read more

There is no solution to death alone! From intestinal laziness to cancer disease…

– Increases body resistance, strengthens immunity. With this feature, it protects from viruses. It is also effective against infectious diseases. Potency pomegranate, which is rich in vitamin C, helps to remove toxins from the body. -Protects eye health. It allows you to see sharply and clearly. – Studies have proven that potency pomegranate is protective … Read more

We found a natural (and cheap) solution to get rid of acne and dandruff for good – NiT

We found a natural (and cheap) solution to get rid of acne and dandruff for good. The secret is in an unknown plant, but found all over the country. And it also helps fight the damn cellulite. If you usually walk through places with wild vegetation, such as woods, forests or woods, you have certainly … Read more

BISS Key 2022 World Cup Broadcasts from Thai TV Stations, Free Watch Solution via Parabola

PEOPLE’S NEWS – ONLY key broadcast World Cup 2022 from TV station Thailand as solution watch free via parabola You can get more in this article. a number TV station Thailand sure to broadcast World Cup 2022 after the local government obtained broadcasting rights from FIFA worth 1.4 million baht on Thursday, November 17, 2022 … Read more

SAP positions a solution to help close the tech skills gap in Africa

Amid the continued shortage of technical skills in businesses in Africa, SAP Africa says it is already engaging with local developers to leverage the deployed low-code solution SAP Build, designed to help business users take control technology, regardless of their level of technical expertise. SAP Build, launched recently at the company’s TechEd event in Las … Read more