WHO: There is no magic solution, vaccines are still effective in dealing with Covid-19

TRIBUNJATENG.COM, GENEVA – The World Health Organization (WHO) reminds the world community about the impact of covid-19 Delta variant in order to suppress the virus infection, which is considered to be done quickly. It was revealed WHO in his press conference, Friday (30/7). The highly contagious coronavirus was first detected in India, and has now … Read more

Scientific Committee Member Kaymazmaz announced the only solution against corona!

Scientific Committee Member Kaymazmaz underlined that 95 percent of hospitalizations due to the virus are from unvaccinated people and underlined that the only solution is to create a personal protection circle and individual measures together with vaccines in the fight against the disease. Coronavirus epidemic, delta After its variants, it started to rise again around … Read more

Last minute: Delta’s only solution said and explained! – Corona news

He said and explained it was Delta’s only remedy! After the restrictions were lifted across the country, the number of cases increased. Eagle Dr. Lütfi Kırdar City Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Recep Demirhan made a statement on the fight against coronavirus. Demirhan said, “Approximately 1 million 200 thousand vaccines are made in our country, … Read more

Pedro Nuno Santos: “We are preparing a viable solution to link Lisbon to Paris by rail” | trains

anticipating the interview with the minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Pedro Nuno Santos, on the podcast “About Carris”, which will be published in full this Friday, the P24 today has an excerpt of this conversation recorded inside one of the three renovated Arco carriages. In this excerpt, we learn that Portugal is thinking about resuming … Read more

Nintendo would be implementing a practical solution to fix the Joy-Con drift

A few weeks ago, a youtuber revealed a trick to put an end to the annoying Joy-con drift from Nintendo Switch, a curious solution that became trend in the social media, since thousands of gamers tried it and it worked. You may not know it, but this problem causes the console to detects a movement … Read more

How to Overcome Pests and Aglonema Bacteria with Garlic, Turn it into Garlic Solution Water

TRIBUNJAMBI.COM – Garlic contains antioxidants or amino acids, active sulfur or sulfur compounds, protein, vitamin C, calcium and others. This makes garlic can treat fungus, hama, and bacteria on Aglonema. Active sulfur compounds in garlic acts as a potent pesticide for aglonema and plant other. Not only that, the active sulfur content can also remove … Read more

Children deprived of return to Canada: France demands “a solution” in Ottawa

The latter is constantly contacted by French parents, who live and work in Canada and who live for hours. anguish, she confides. As Radio-Canada explained last week, children of temporary residents are currently deprived of return to Canada. If the parents, who have a work permit, can leave the territory and come back without any … Read more

It looks like an oasis in the middle of the desert.. Are these vital cabins the solution to facing extreme weather conditions?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)–The planet is facing increasingly extreme weather conditions. This makes us wonder if our homes, and existing infrastructures, can cope with this? A United Nations report from 2020 revealed the increasing frequency and intensity of extreme weather and climate events as a result of climate change, disproportionately affecting vulnerable communities, according … Read more

Samin Oil Is A Solution When Processing Sacrificial Meat, To Reduce The Risk Of Bad Fats

Reduce the Risk of Bad Fat, SERAMBINEWS.COM – The day after tomorrow, Tuesday (20/7/2021), Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha 1442 Hijri. Every Muslim who can afford it is recommended to sacrifice animals, such as cows and goats, then the meat is distributed. In addition to curry, satay, and soup, most people process sacrificial meat into Middle … Read more