“It’s very frustrating, we know the solutions”: Jean-Pascal Van Ypersele, climatologist, talks about buildings in Belgium

Jean-Pascal Van Ypersele, climatologist at UCLouvain and candidate for the presidency of the IPCC was the guest of RTL Info 19h. The opportunity to return to the summary of the IPCC, a group of UN experts, published on Monday. The synthesis of nine years of IPCC work on the climate sounds Monday as a stark … Read more

Bottneuro uses Samsung technology to offer digital diagnosis and treatment solutions for Alzheimer’s disease – PressPerú

Lima.- As medical technology continues to evolve and offer the latest solutions and treatments to patients, Samsung Electronics Switzerland has contributed to this advancement by developing its products. Samsung has collaborated with Bottneuro AG, a Swiss medical technology startup dedicated to improving the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, and offering patients an innovative and … Read more

Reception crisis: asylum seekers do not want the new temporary solutions offered by the Brussels region

This Tuesday afternoon, one would have thought of a way out of the crisis in the file of asylum seekers who have occupied since last Sunday, a building of the Régie des Bâtiments, near the Gare du Nord, in the territory of Saint -José. It is ultimately nothing. Around 4:30 p.m., a press release from … Read more

Printing Solutions for Business

In the office, companies must be able to rely on technology. This is precisely why Brother has developed print and scan solutions. No matter when, no matter where, no matter who: Designed for Business. We are always at your side when you need printing, scanning or service solutions. With Brother, businesses become more profitable, safer … Read more

At the ISE 2023 exhibition, LG presented the latest display solutions

At the exhibition “European integrated systems 2023” (eng. Integrated Systems Europe, ISE) LG Electronics (LG) presented the most advanced digital display solutions. The full range of display solutions, including Micro LED displays, transparent OLED and LED displays, were showcased in several digitized spaces that showcased their applications in various industries. With the theme “Let’s Live, … Read more

Transparent public toilet and other smart solutions in Japan

When you think of Japan, many people think of sushi, origami, or perhaps the Shinkasen high-speed trains. But do you know what the term Sampuru means? Or why traffic lights in Japan are blue instead of green? In today’s video, we will focus on these points of interest and discover, among other things, smart solutions … Read more

What to do with the last Yeezys? Adidas is looking for solutions for the last sneakers!

New York – In the Turkey send, resell or destroy? Sporting goods manufacturer Adidas has a few options for the leftover Yeezy sneakers. After end of partnership with Kanye “Ye” West However, the group has not yet found a definitive solution. Adidas still has some Yeezys in stock. But what to do with Kanye West’s … Read more

Prohibition of credit transfer, even partial, but there are solutions

The continuous regulatory interventions on building bonuses, the credit transfer and invoice discount they are creating more and more difficulty for taxpayers to hand over tax credits to banks. But at least as regards the incompetent or for those who fall under the flat-rate regime, it seems more necessary than ever to find an alternative … Read more