Aidsfonds sounds the alarm: the fight against HIV is stalled worldwide due to inequality and discrimination

In the Netherlands, an estimated 24,000 people are infected with HIV. 94 percent of them receive treatment and no longer transmit the virus. Compared to the rest of the world, our country scores well and, according to the Aidsfonds, the end of the HIV epidemic is even in sight. But elsewhere shocking figures can be … Read more

NATO source sounds the alarm about the West’s weapons stockpiles: – Everyone is worried now

Now questions are being asked as to how long Western arms supplies to Ukraine can last. – I think everyone is now sufficiently concerned, adds a NATO official Foreign Policy. The brutal war does not seem to be coming to an end. On the contrary, the intensity of the fighting is very high, especially in … Read more

There’s a verdict on a racist scandal. The main sanction sounds like a joke

In the match of the 1/8 finals of the Polish Cup, Sandecja Nowy Sącz and Śląsk Wrocław, played on November 9 in Niepołomice, the hosts’ players left the pitch during the penalty shoot-out in reaction to the racist behavior of fans from Wrocław In accordance with the decision of the Committee for Competitions and Professional … Read more

Tekchbila Vol.1, Amazigh sounds and heritages

This double compilation explores the sounds of the Amazigh peoples of southern Morocco, giving them a new electronic accent in the hope of preserving an endangered culture. Tekchbila Vol.1 sort the 20 November. Spread to the four corners of North Africa and in the diasporas of the whole world, the Amazigh peoples and their millennial … Read more

For now, “bam-bam” sounds instead of shots. The story of two young soldiers starting their military service / Article

“You need to think about the position. Relax a little,” is how the teaching staff addresses the 33 cadets who started the basic military training course at the Ādaži base. For now, “bam-bam” sounds instead of shots. This is Ralph Daniel’s first month of school. You will be able to shoot with real cartridges at … Read more

Sparta promised to pay for the damaged dressing room right after the match. No one spoke to us, sounds from Pilsen | Football | Sports | Prague Gossip

On Monday, we informed our readers about the behavior of Sparta Prague players, who vandalized the equipment of the dressing room after the win at the Pilsen stadium. It was the Pilsen club that published photos of the vandalized guest cabin after the match. The spokesperson of Sparta Prague Ondřej Kasík told our editors that … Read more

The Horror of TransJ’s Moments Stuck on the Rails When the Train Siren Sounds

Jakarta – A scary incident happened when the bus Transjakarta stumbled in the middle of the Halimun train crossing. At that time, the bus was stuck at a railroad crossing when the train siren sounded. The moment the bus was stopped on Friday (4/11) night, at the Halimun railroad crossing, South Jakarta. But in the … Read more

It’s decided! This is the winner of the show Your face sounds familiar | Current

After more than two months of training and preparation for new and further performances, they reached their destination. And there all the emotions were waiting for them. The tenth round of the show Your face sounds familiar was emotional exactly as the finale should be. All the more so because Natália Puklušová could not participate … Read more

We have a problem, it sounds from Finland. Cracks were found in all four feed water pumps of the Olkiluoto 3 plant

In all four feed water pumps of the Finnish power plant Olkiluoto 3, several centimeter cracks were detected. Operator Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO) said it does not yet know what impact this will have on the plant’s commissioning schedule. The TVO company announced that during maintenance and inspection damage was found to the internal parts … Read more

EU sounds the alarm: alarming data from Russia’s neighbors – a sudden and unexpected change

A sudden and unexpected jump in exports of washing machines, refrigerators and even electric breast pumps from Europe to Russia’s neighbors has officials worried that such a trade boom could help Vladimir Putin’s war machine in Ukraine. Armenia in the first eight months of the year Only subscribers can read the entire article By becoming … Read more