the source of Bouadel, an antidote to the heat wave (VIDEO)

About thirty kilometers from Taounate, stands the one and only refuge in times of great heat for the inhabitants of this city and its region: the source of Bouadel, which has become in recent years the popular destination for summer visitors and lovers of nature. Nestled at the foot of the “El Kil” or “Sanhaja” … Read more

Leela Koura source: Mikale rejected the Football Association’s request.

Wrote: Ahmad AbdulBaset Sunday 14 August 2022 06:10 PM The source said, in exclusive statements to Laila Koura, that the Football Association asked Mikale to have 2 Egyptian assistant coaches, in addition to the presence of an Egyptian goalkeeper coach. And the source continued: “Micale refused the Football Association’s request and stuck to the presence … Read more

The agony of waiting: Counter-Strike fans created their own Counter-Strike: Source 2 in six months

A developer under the pseudonym Gabe Follower presented a recording of Counter-Strike gameplay on the Source 2 engine. Throughout the existence of the game, Valve never transferred the popular shooter to the latest version of the engine, so fans ended up doing it. Image Source: Gabe Follower 2 / YouTube Russian-speaking developer Maxim told on … Read more

A source responsible for choosing Ahmed Issa for Tourism and Antiquities: an economic figure capable of attracting foreign investment to the tourism sector

An official source revealed the scenes of Ahmed Issa’s selection of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, as part of the latest amendment made to the government of Dr. Mostafa Madbouly. The source confirmed that choosing an economic or banking personality for the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities was not the first precedent, as Dr. … Read more

Leila Kora source: A Turkish show for Afsha

Wrote: Ramadan Hassan Saturday 13 August 2022 01:36 PM A source confirmed that there is a Turkish offer to Al-Ahly club to include Mohamed Magdy “Afsha”, the team’s player, on loan, indicating that he will receive a large salary, if the team accepts the offer. A source said in exclusive statements to Laila Koura: “The … Read more

Enthusiast showed Counter-Strike Global Offensive at Source 2

Rumors that Valve is going to update Counter-Strike: Global Offensive the Source 2 engine has been going for a long time. At the beginning of summer, information appeared that this could happen as early as August. The team of game designers and modders Gabefollower decided not to wait for the official transfer, but did it … Read more

Vaccine-heart attack relationship turned out to be bullshit

BECAUSE İNAN- Another “myth” of the anti-vaccine fans has been debunked. Vaccine opponents frequently brought up the claim that Covid-19 vaccines cause heart muscle inflammation. However, the research conducted by examining the data of 592 thousand 719 patients who had Kovid-19 in South Korea indicates that the risk of heart attack is higher in unvaccinated … Read more

It lowers high blood pressure and bad cholesterol! A complete source of probiotics, cardiovascular…

YOGURT Yogurt has many beneficial properties. It is a source of probiotics, rich in vitamins B2, B12 and zinc, phosphorus, potassium and calcium. It helps to soften the veins and allows them to dilate somewhat, which keeps blood pressure low.

In Beauraing, a source of water with a surprising origin makes breeders happy: “It seems inexhaustible”

The heat we are experiencing complicates the work of farmers. They need a lot of water, especially for their breeding. Beauraing, in the province of Namur, had to take measures to restrict water consumption. But a spring makes the happiness of the stockbreeders who follow one another there. Since June, a pump has been installed … Read more