Britain insists on permanently deploying warships in the South China Sea

loading… LONDON – English announced plans to permanently deploy a fleet of naval vessels to Japan, sailing through the South China Sea. The British move comes as Western countries increase their involvement in the Pacific region. Britain announced it would permanently deploy two naval vessels to waters around Japan later this year, ahead of the … Read more

China’s Military Base in the South China Sea Starts Operation

loading… WASHINGTON – Military China recently deployed early warning and electronic surveillance aircraft and helicopters on two disputed islands in South China Sea (LCS) in what analysts say is a sign the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has begun routine air operations from military base . Satellite images obtained by The Washington Times show the deployment … Read more

US denies China expelled warships from South China Sea

loading… WASHINGTON – The United States (US) Navy has refuted China’s claims that Beijing’s military chased American warships out of South China Sea . The denial came after one of the guided-missile destroyers carried out Operation Freedom of Navigation (FONOP) in the South China Sea on Monday. Also read: China Expels US Warship from South … Read more

US Expert Shows Image of 236 Chinese Ships Dispose of Human Dirt and Waste in SCS

loading… MANILA – Hundreds of ships China dumped human waste and wastewater for years in the disputed South China Sea (SCS). The actions of the Chinese ships have led to the development of algae that damage coral reefs and threaten the survival of fish in the ongoing disaster. The warning was issued by US-based expert … Read more

China Launches Missiles in South China Sea, Pentagon Reveals 2002 Treaty Page all

WASHINGTON DC, – Ministry of Defense United States of America ( AS) or Pentagon on Thursday (27/8/2020) commented on the launch of ballistic missiles in the Sea China South by China. They say the military test threatens peace and security in the region. The Pentagon confirmed reports that Beijing troops launched four ballistic missiles … Read more