Soldiers mistakenly open fire at the border, South Korea rushes to report North Korea

PYONGYANG, – One person South Korean army mistakenly fired a machine gun near the border with North Korea. For this incident, South Korean military hastily notified South Korea that the shooting was accidental. Collect information from the office South Korean militaryYonhap news agency reported on Sunday (29/1/2023), four lead bullets were fired during training … Read more

South Korean Spaceship Shows Amazing Pictures of Earth and Moon

loading… After orbiting the moon for more than a month, the Korean Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO) sent back stunning images. Photo/KARI/Space SEOUL – After orbit moon for more than a month, the Korean Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO) is sending back stunning images. The images, which were posted to the Korean Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) website, … Read more

“”Bread sister, rightist?” vs “Your own freedom!”…Kim Yeon-kyung, ‘thumbs up’ picture makes a lot of noise” – The Herald Economy

[김기현 국민의힘 의원 페이스북 일부 캡처] [헤럴드경제=천예선 기자]When Rep. Kim Ki-hyun, who is running as the party’s power runner, released a photo taken with Kim Yeon-kyung, the ‘Volleyball Empress’, criticism and defense of Kim Yeon-kyung are mixed among netizens. Rep. Kim said on Facebook on the 27th, “I had a comfortable evening yesterday with familiar … Read more

Hockey players in World Cup quarter-finals only past ‘cunning’ South Koreans after the break

NOS Sport•Wednesday, 4:19 PM Hockey players settle with South Korea in the quarterfinals of the World Cup after the break: 5-1 The Dutch hockey men are still two victories away from the world title. In Bhubaneshwar, India, the Orange easily defeated South Korea 5-1 in the quarterfinals of the World Cup on Wednesday afternoon. Koen … Read more

“”Did you have fun with 4 or 5 other women?”… Jamie, lover Min-cheol Ku’s cheating hint” – The Herald Economy

[구민철 제이미 인스타그램] [헤럴드경제=민성기 기자] Singer Jamie (Park Ji-min) posted an article that seemed to imply the affair of her openly dating boyfriend Min-cheol Koo. On the 23rd, Jamie posted on his Instagram story, “When you found out your boyfriend was a cheater,” and “I think we could make a very good song about it.” … Read more

““Only 4 toilets in 3 hours of flight, let’s get some sleep” An angry passenger next to him” – The Herald Economy

Photos are not related to the content of the article. [123RF] [헤럴드경제=이원율 기자]A passenger complaining of symptoms of dehydration was reported to have gone to the bathroom too often on the plane, causing inconvenience to a passenger next to him who suffered from insomnia. According to a recent report by The Mirror, a British media … Read more

“‘Unconventional outfit’ Qatar girl makes a surprise appearance in the US NBA” – The Herald Economy

[이바나 놀 인스타그램] [헤럴드경제=이명수 기자] The Croatian model, who drew attention for her unconventional exposure at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar despite the recommendation to refrain from exposure, is continuing her bold moves around the world. Ivana Knoll, who posts videos and photos of her visits to the United States and Europe after the … Read more

“I do not agree to attack on behalf of Russia.” Russians who fled from mobilization live in a Korean airport

In South Korea, the court one of these days must decide the fate of five Russians, including a student from Buryatia and a worker from Krasnoyarsk, who left Russia after the announcement of partial mobilization. Due to the fact that the South Korean government refused to grant them asylum, they were stuck at the airport … Read more

““100,000 won → 9,000 won, betrayal of a promising bio that I believed in, ruining my life”” – The Herald Economy

Celivery listed on the KOSDAQ as ‘Special Company No. 1’ [사진 한국거래소] [헤럴드경제=박영훈 기자] “Does it make sense for the stock price of 100,000 won to go up to 9,000 won? I lost tens of thousands of won” (Investor) “Contrary to the saying that investing can change the class of your life, it has ruined … Read more

South Korea’s lunar probe is already working. She caught the Earth rising over the Moon

The Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO), also known as Danuri, was launched into space by SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket last August. It reached its target orbit around the Moon on December 27. It will remain in lunar orbit, at a distance of about 100 kilometers from the lunar surface, for 11 months. Data i pro NASA … Read more