Mayday, Mayday! Wall Street Jatuh…

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The stock market of the United States (US) fell. Higher inflation is the cause. On Saturday (11/6/2022) early morning Indonesian time, the three main indexes on Wall Street closed significantly lower. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), S&P 500, and Nasdaq Composite fell 2.73%, 2.91% and 3.53%, respectively. Selling pressure occurred … Read more

Tesla was excluded from the index of organic companies

“Other factors that have contributed to the exclusion of the carmaker from the index include a lack of published information about its carbon footprint reduction strategy or code of conduct,” she said. Reuters Margaret Dorn of S&P Dow Jones Indices, which compiles the ESG index. Tesla’s securities fell sharply on Wednesday and with the entire … Read more

Bitcoin Price Falls to Lowest Level Since July 2021, What Causes It?

ILLUSTRATION. Bitcoin price fell to its lowest level since July 2021 on Monday (9/5/2022). Source: Reuters | Editor: Barratut Taqiyyah Rafie KONTAN.CO.ID – HONG KONG. Bitcoin price fell to its lowest level since July 2021 on Monday (9/5/2022). Launch Reuters, Bitcoin prices fell as the US stock market slumped amid concerns about the Federal Reserve’s … Read more

Powell scares US stocks

On Wall Street, the main indexes opened in the green, but the statements of the Fed chairman, in the middle of the afternoon, on annual conference of the National Association for Business Economics (NABE), led investors to choose prudence. The Dow Jones industrial index closed down 0.58% to 34,552.99 points. For its part, the Standard … Read more

The wind has turned in the stock markets

BORSAGUNDEM.COMEquity markets are back on a record streak. The stock markets, ignoring the increasing inflation, the energy crisis, the increase in interest rates and the ongoing war, left behind the best week of the last 16 months. bag In Istanbul, the BIST 100 index finished the day at 2,144.26 points with a 0.50 percent gain, … Read more

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could dampen stock prices. Like the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941

The most watched US stock index S&P 500, which measures the development of stock prices of the largest US companies, depreciated 1.9 percent at the end of the trading week. The Nasdaq 100 technology headline lost almost three percent of its value. A possible Russian invasion could send the shares even lower. “Investors have relied … Read more

Rise in debt rates unnerves Wall Street. Inflation takes center stage – Stock Exchange

The Dow Jones industrial index closed Monday’s session down 0.45% to 36,068.87 points. Last January 5th, it touched a level never reached before, at 36,952.65 points. The Standard & Poor’s 500 dropped 0.14% to 4,670.29 points. In intraday trading on January 4, it reached the highest value ever, at 4,818.62 points. For its part, the … Read more

Wall Street Falls After More Hawkish Fed Minutes Release

ILLUSTRATION. Wall Street is in free fall on Wednesday (5/1) due to the potential for faster rate hikes. Reporter: Revelation Tri Rahmawati | Editor: Wahyu T. Rahmawati KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Wall Street plunged into free fall Wednesday after minutes of the US Federal Reserve’s meeting signaled the central bank may have to raise interest rates … Read more

The S&P 500 stock index will rise next year as well, strategists of large banks believe

“Although difficulties have emerged this year in the form of new mutations such as delta and omicron, this needs to be seen in the context that immunity in society is much higher due to vaccination and disease. At the same time, fewer people die among those infected, and new treatments have emerged, ”said JP Morgan’s … Read more

Wall Street recovers but stumbles and falls again – Stock Exchange

The Dow Jones industrial index closed down 0.15% to 33,919.84 points and the Standard & Poor’s 500 retreated 0.08% to 4,354.19 points. On the other hand, the technological Nasdaq Composite added 0.22% to settle at 14,746.40 points. The US squares managed to open on a high, recovering the vast sell-off of the day before due … Read more