How many languages ​​does Giorgia Meloni speak, the interview in English with Fox News becomes a case – Il Tempo

Not only with Spanish, Giorgia Meloni also makes a great impression with the English language. In the international interview given to Fox News, the leader of Fratelli d’Italia – during the broadcast Mornings with Maria with Maria Bartiromo – an impeccable pronunciation. Dagospia immediately catches the ball to make a comparison with Matteo Renzi and … Read more

Now it’s up to Juric: the technician (perhaps) returns to speak after more than two months

Juric (barring surprises) will speak to the press for the first time since the last season of last year: in the middle a disappointing market and the quarrel with Vagnati The last time he made statements, after the last season against Roma, Ivan Juric he had shown himself determined and ambitious: “I have 10 players … Read more

Zelensky wants to speak to Chinese president to end war in Ukraine | NOW

Ukraine would like to speak directly with Chinese President Xi Jinping, reports South China Morning Post Thursday (local time). Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky hopes a meeting with the Chinese head of state can help end the war in his country. In an interview with the Chinese daily, Zelensky asks China to use its political and … Read more

F1, Hungarian GP: I lost my words, but the facts speak for themselves. And they don’t want to admit mistakes

Ligabue sang: “I lost my words” … and in fact, I too, after years of criticism and comments on the work of Binotto e Rueda, I really lost them, finished. I have been accused of being repetitive, of being furious with them, of wanting to criticize them at all costs, even when it was not … Read more

“In Latvia, 50% are Russians, so you have to speak Russian,” – a Latvian victim of an aggressive woman reveals the details of what happened

The victim revealed that the events of the morning of July 28 took place in Imanta. She does not know the attacker, but she knows that the woman lives nearby and is actually her neighbor. Thursday’s conflict, in which the victim’s property was damaged (a silver chain was torn from her neck), beaten and threatened, … Read more

They discovered the amazing properties of vitamin B6. Scientists speak of a new hope for the sick

Study participants suffering from anxiety and depression took high doses of vitamins B6 and B12 for a month The results of the study indicate that B vitamins may be helpful in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression Researchers estimate that it is a promising alternative to preparations that can cause side effects and a solution … Read more

“Beggar no longer speak pay your debts and disappear.” Shock banner against De Laurentiis

Napoli fans on a rampage after sales (Koulibaly, Insigne) or missed renewals (Mertens, Ospina). The blue president Aurelio De Laurentiis was targeted, invited to sell the team and move to Bari, after the dispute of the Rione Alto, on leaving the dentist. “Kim, Merit e Marlboro… Three packages 10 euros. Beggar don’t speak anymore. Pay … Read more

Bellingcat analyst assessment: Girkin’s lips speak Russian spec. he criticizes the service and the war for a reason

An ardent Russian nationalist has become a critic of the war in Ukraine International Investigative Journalism Group “Bellingcat“recently published the materials of another study. This time, it was found out that Igor Girkin, one of the main actors of the annexation of a part of Ukraine in 2014, also used another identity – an internal … Read more