AMD Zen4 Non-X CPU, some specs confirmed on Lenovo OEM PC

AMD’s latest ZEN4-based Ryzen 7000 series is currently only the X series for high performance has been released, and the so-called Non-X model without X has not yet been released. It is likely to be announced along with the 3D Cache series at CES 2023 next year, but before that, it seems that some information … Read more

Organize computer specs, budget 20000, discrete graphics card, play games before going to Commart Game On

Organize computer specs, budget 20000, GeForce RTX graphics card, play 1080p games, upgradeable for beginner gamers Organize computer specs, budget 20000 at the end of the year like this Many people would be aiming to build a new computer, right? Even more recently, the graphics card is still a lot cheaper. Suitable for gamers who … Read more

Is the price of the Samsung A53 5G getting cheaper with month-end promos? Equipped with Super Premium Specs!

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Complete Review of Garuda DVB T2 Matrix Top Box Set, Cheap Price with Gahar Specs!

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Redmi Note 12 Explorer Edition Specifications, Qualified Specs above the Gods MediaTex 1080 200 MP Camera

INSIDEN24.COM–The presence of the Redmi Note 12 series smartphone is smartphone the first to use the latest chipset from Snapdragon, namely Snapdragon 4 gen 1. Then there is the Redmi Note 12 Pro which carries the MediaTek Dimensity 1080 chipset. And smartphone this one Redmi Note 12 Explorer Edition both carries the MediaTek 1080 chipset, … Read more

Mi 13 Pro specs exposed, 1-inch Sony IMX989, same model as Mi 12 Ultra

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We’ve got the full specs list for the flagship vivo X90 Pro, from dimensions to processor, battery and camera

On November 22, those from vivo will present the X90 series of phones on the Chinese market, and by far the most anticipated model will be vivo x90 pro – the flagship that received TENAA certification today. In this way, we discover all its specifications, from dimensions to details about the battery, processor and, of … Read more

OnePlus Ace 2 and Realme GT Neo 5 main specs leaked as second flagship smartphones

Leaked together 2 new flagship models from 2 brands, namely OnePlus Ace 2 and realme GT Neo 5, in which the realme version may skip Realme GT Neo 4 because it is not a very auspicious number for the Chinese side. Twitter @chunvn8888 reveals the specifications of the OnePlus Ace 2, which states that it … Read more

‘You Are Solo’ 11th university hospital surgeon Young-su → Major league scout Sang-cheol… Gorgeous real specs

[마이데일리 = 강다윤 기자] Cable channel SBS Plus · ENA Play ‘I’m Solo’ 11th solo males revealed their gorgeous profiles. In ‘I’m Solo’ broadcast on the 9th, the 11th solo males revealed their surprising specifications through ‘Self-Introduction Time’. On this day, Sang-cheol and Young-sook had a good feeling for each other in ‘Choose First Impression’ … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S23: Qualcomm leaves no doubt as to which chip is used in Europe

So from a March quarter perspective, you’re right, the benefit from the Samsung launch for the new phone would be in the in kind of the second half of the March quarter. So it comes in towards the end of the quarter, but that will be an advantage, whereas our share from 75% in G … Read more