M. Kuzminskas said what he thinks about tripods and average speed meters

Lack of patience According to Mindaugas, Lithuanians are quite good drivers, but they lack patience. “You never know what made another person take a certain action. Maybe he’s going to the hospital, maybe he’s taking his pregnant wife, for example. Sometimes you just have to be a little more patient. Sometimes you just have to … Read more

OWC Envoy Pro SX Portable Thunderbolt SSD Out of the Box / Extremely Fast 2800MB/s High Speed ​​Transfer

High-speed and portable external NVMe SSDs have become an essential tool for data transfer and backup in the office. Especially when transferring large files such as digital content videos and photos, high-speed Thunderbolt SSDs are needed to speed up and save storage time. OWC’s new “Envoy Pro SX” external SSD with excellent texture, durability and … Read more

The key to higher speed and lower consumption is smooth driving

Why does driving with certain drivers scare you and make you feel sick in the car? Why do you sleep peacefully with others? And do you really think it’s just about speed? But go… Honza Červenka repeatedly tells clients in his sports-defensive driving courses that fluidity is the key to speed. And Honza Koubek can … Read more

Russia could speed up the preparation process for “referendums” in the occupied territories of Ukraine – Foreign countries – News

As a result, the occupiers could speed up preparations for a “referendum” on the annexation of the occupied Ukrainian territories, according to the US Institute of War Research. Resistance among the Ukrainian population is currently forcing the occupiers to constantly change their plans for the “referendum”. Counterattacks by the Ukrainian army against Russian forces could … Read more

The Canadians introduced their own hyperloop. With a maximum speed of up to 1,200 km/h! – Magazine – Car

You can travel faster than a jet plane, and for half the price. That’s exactly what the Canadian company TransPod promises. A few days ago, she presented another vacuum train in the style of a hyperloop, her project is called FluxJet. Photo: TransPod FluxJet should connect Calgary and Edmonton. During the presentation of its FluxJet, … Read more

Government instructs the Emergency Commission to speed up the purchase of pediatric vaccines against Covid-19

Andrei Siles [email protected] | Saturday, August 06, 2022 07:06 am In order to avoid shortage of vaccines against Covid-19 for children between six months and five years old, the Ministry of Health reiterated to the National Commission for Risks and Emergency Care (CNE) the urgency of speeding up the acquisition of at least 900,000 doses … Read more

The traffic light is red, but it crosses it at full speed, you are dead: the shock video

The video comes from Los Angeles. A motorist, for still unexplained reasons, crossed an extremely busy intersection at full speed, despite the traffic light being red. The crash was inevitable, in which 6 people lost their lives. Among the victims a child and a pregnant woman, but there are still seven people fighting between life … Read more

Intel announces Wi-Fi 7 on computers from 2025 with a speed beyond 5.8 Gbps A theoretical physical speed almost 5 times higher than Wi-Fi 6

Intel is working on the development of the next generation of Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi 7) in order to obtain certification from the Wi-Fi alliance. The company then plans to install it on computers in 2024 and reach the market with these products in 2025. Wi-Fi 7 promises speeds beyond 5.8 Gbps, a theoretical speed almost 5 … Read more