‘If I go out on the street like this, they’ll think I’m crazy’: Antoine and Mourad spend thousands of euros playing with replica firearms

Do you know airsoft? This consists of playing war with replica firearms. An activity that disturbs and raises many questions. Born in Japan in the 70s, airsoft has its followers in Belgium. We offer you an immersion in a world that tries to get rid of prejudices. These men are preparing to launch an assault. … Read more

The government wants to spend PLN 3 billion on a new benefit for people with disabilities

The draft act introducing a new support benefit for people with disabilities was submitted to the Council of Ministers for debate on Wednesday. New benefit. The government wants to adopt the regulations as soon as possible The head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in the Third Program of Polish Radio said that … Read more

NATO countries still spend too little on defense, Poland among the leaders

photo. General Command of the Armed Forces Branches/Facebook Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link send email NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at the conference that in 2022 only 7 out of 30 NATO countries achieved the goal of spending at least 2 percent of GDP. defense GDP. Poland is among these countries. The War in … Read more

Jablonski: We have to fill the hole in the club, not spend money we don’t have

“It’s a very important day for the club. I checked before the conference and if I’m not mistaken, so far Korona has never had such a big sponsor and such an important brand as Enea – says the president of the Kielce club, Łukasz Jabłoński. On the first day of spring, Korona Kielce signed a … Read more

starters spend more on mortgages despite falling prices

ANP NOS News•Friday, 10:09 At the end of last year, starters on the owner-occupied housing market paid a very high proportion of their income to mortgages, according to ING. Although house prices are falling, mortgage interest rates have risen sharply at the same time. If first-time buyers were to buy the average owner-occupied home, they … Read more

How much did IOA spend 100 thousand dollars on Rosalía’s Show, the story of Ioanis Patsias, the economist who resigned from a transnational company to be a TikTok youtuber | exclusive INTERVIEW trpm | SHOWS

Seven years ago, IOA is IOA. Era Ioanis Patsias Morales, a distinguished and important economist in a transnational company, where he held positions as marketing manager, product manager and strategic planning analyst. He was a succesful manaccording to social standards. But he was not a complete man, nor was he complete. One day seven years … Read more

5 tips so you don’t spend more when shopping at stores like Costco and Walmart

Do you want to save money on your purchases by going to stores like Costco or Walmart? Discover some tricks that will help you spend only what is necessary. Learn to avoid unnecessary purchases, look at the prices of each product and avoid falling into temptations that make you spend more. 1. Learn where essentials … Read more

‘This company’ to set up Ma Dong-seok as a model and spend 100 billion won in Korea : Seoul Economic Daily

Selected as the first model, Ma Dong-seok… ‘A reliable solution’Convenience such as 5-day delivery, easy login, and payment serviceOpened a domestic customer center… Start localization in KoreaReleased to domestic targets such as Taobao Collection and ChoiceStrengthening Kakao-Naver collaboration… Korea Express co-marketing An Ali Express TV commercial featuring actor Ma Dong-seok as a model. / Photo … Read more

How much did Google spend to produce its first smart watch? Know the details

the date 3/4/2023 4:27:58 AM (MENAFN- Youm7) Google unveiled its first smart watch ever, the Pixel Watch, in October 2022, while Google sells the LTE version of the Pixel Watch in the United States at a price of $ 399, and according to a report published by CounterPoint Research, an analysis of the bill of … Read more