Zelensky spoke about the non-working air defense system transferred from Europe

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Western countries for military aid in an interview with AP. At the same time, he pointed out that part of the promised weapons had not yet been transferred to Kyiv. In addition, according to Mr. Zelensky, one of the sent air defense systems (AD) did not work. Which state transferred … Read more

Romina burst into tears and spoke of her nephew’s “betrayal”: “I’m very bad”

Romina Uhrig He opened his heart and opened up about the true relationship he has with his nephew, Fabián. After the former deputy had a rather striking relationship with her relative inside the house, her true relationship with the young man came to light. After being eliminated from the reality show, the 35-year-old ex-participant began … Read more

Juliana from Big Brother spoke in depth about her health problem: “The body speaks”

After returning to the house Big Brother to celebrate the fake wedding of Marcos, Julieta and Nacho, Juliana Diaz He talked about his health problem and how it influenced his time on the reality show. The young woman from Venado Tuerto gave an interview with teleshow and opened up her heart about her participation in … Read more

Neymar took away my girlfriend Maluma spoke controversial breakup Natalia BarulichHalf time

Neymar and Maluma used to show that they were good friends until a couple of years ago. However, all that changed because the Brazilian soccer player was accused of having been the third in contention between the Colombian singer and his partner Natalia Barulich. On social networks, Neymar and the model constantly uploaded photos, which … Read more

J. Ostapenko, who spoke about the Brazilians’ disrespectful behavior: “I felt like I was in a football match”

The prestigious WTA 1000 series “Miami Open” women’s tennis tournament continues in Miami (USA). The best tennis player from the Baltic countries reached the round of 16 of the tournament Jelena Ostapenko (WTA-22), which takes 2 hours 18 minutes 6:2, 4:6, 6:3 beat the Brazilian Beatriz Haddad Maią (WTA-14). It was already the fourth victory … Read more

Nervousness? No way. David Jurásek shone in the premiere and after the game he spoke about the rivalry between Sparta and Slavia players in the national team

David Jurásek shined in the national team premiere. How did he experience his debut and what did he say about the rivalry between Sparta and Slavia players in the national team? At the age of twenty-two, David Jurásek played his first match in the national team in style. He knew about the fact that he … Read more

Vero Lozano spoke of the complaint against Jey Mammón and it was lapidary

The complaint of child abuse against Marcelo Corazza and Jey Mammón caused a real commotion in the media. Although in the case of the former GH many excused themselves claiming that “they did not know him too well”, with the driver of “La Peña de Morfi” the opposite happened since he is a person who … Read more

Venom actor in Spider-Man 2 Insomniac spoke about the release of the game in September

Actor Tony Toddwho plays the role Venom V “Spider-Man 2” Insomniac Games, reported that the release of the game scheduled for september. And in August, according to him, a large-scale advertising campaign for the project will begin. We already know that Spider-Man 2 is due out this fall on PlayStation 5. Early this year Sony … Read more

He spoke about a decision that could humiliate Lithuania: action had already been taken

Belarusian opposition politician Pavel Latuška claims that he knew about the proposals of some European countries to rethink the sanctions on Belarusian fertilizers a few months ago. However, he emphasizes that it is not about the complete elimination of potash fertilizer sanctions. “We became aware of the possibility of partial lifting of sanctions on potash … Read more