Companion of Canadians spoke with murderer prior to crime in Xcaret

A millionaire debt was the reason for murder of two Canadian tourists in a Xcaret hotel, assured the prosecutor of Quintana Roo, Oscar Montes de Oca; specified that only one of them was the target of the attack, however, the instruction was “to deprive of life whoever came across at that moment”. To achieve his … Read more

“I’m going to get hot and cold” – The Hungarian star singer with five children spoke about the divorce

SPIRITUAL The well-known Hungarian singer Gergő Oláh felt unable to keep his opinion on the celebrations that had been revealed in recent weeks. 2022-01-25 19:00:36 Author: ripost For Gergő Oláh, the family is the first, he loves his wife and their five children. He would never be able to leave them. No wonder he got … Read more

Sports boss Dynamo Sivok spoke about Bassey’s departure: He had offers from France and Spain, he admitted

The autumn cannon of the Dynamo Fortune Bassey from České Budějovice left the Czech highest competition and headed to Hungary. However, according to the sports head of the South Bohemian club, Tomáš Sivok, he also had offers from Western Europe. In the autumn, he scored nine goals in the jersey of the České Budějovice Dynamo … Read more

“It’s fate… ” A famous actor spoke directly to former President Park Geun-hye

Actor Kim Eui-seong expressed his impressions ahead of the release of the movie ‘My Candle’. Stills from the movie ‘My Candle’ On the 24th, reporter Eui-seong Kim and Jin-woo Joo took part in an online interview as the director of the documentary film ‘My Candlelight’. The film is a documentary about people with strong progressive … Read more

Khlebnikova spoke about the state of her face after the fire

The singer is recovering from the emergency. Recently, Marina Khlebnikova was discharged from the hospital, where she spent about two months. The singer was hospitalized after a fire that occurred in her two-level Moscow apartment. The media reported that the face of the star was seriously injured in the fire. At first she ignored the … Read more

Tito Speranza spoke about the fight on the radio air: “I went to avoid gossip”

Some days ago, Titus Hope He was the protagonist of an awkward moment. in the air of mainland radio, the remembered “custodian” of Ricardo Fort resigned live from the program in which he participated and He told the driver everything. Now in dialogue with TN Show, the sports journalist explained the reason why he/she went … Read more

US Vice President Kamala Harris spoke out against Russia: photo of a formidable politician

US Vice President Kamala Harris supported Joe Biden’s speech on the situation in Donbas. According to her, “if Putin takes aggressive action, we are ready to incur serious costs. Dot”. Harris has served as the 49th Vice President of the United States since January 20, 2021, the first woman and the first Asian politician to … Read more

Pablo Echarri spoke in depth about the fantasy that he has not yet dared to fulfill: “I was born in the wrong era”

Paul Echarri spoke in dialogue with Flower Rock that still failed to fulfill a super intimate fantasy with your partner, Nancy Duplaa. More on this topic While he would love to experiment with her other possibilities, he acknowledges that feels he was born in the “wrong era”. “I shit… on my legs, but it would … Read more

Žbirka’s son spoke two months after his father’s death. His words are freezing

Everyone copes differently with the death of a loved one. The son of the legendary singer Miro Žbirka also knows this. The famous musician left us at the beginning of November at the age of 69. Žbirka’s son David revealed what life without a father is like for him. The death of a musical legend … Read more

“Omicron” reached the Kharkiv region: the mayor’s office spoke about the symptoms of a new strain

Kharkiv region is at the beginning of a new wave with the Omicron strain. Recall that on January 14, 30 samples were sent from the region to Kiev, of which approximately 40% are already the Omicron strain. So, today, on January 18, at a briefing by the deputy mayor of Kharkov, Svetlana Gorbunova-Ruban announced the … Read more