Studies reveal epigenetic memories can be passed down through generations

Without altering the genetic code of DNA, epigenetic modifications can change the way genes are expressed, affecting an organism’s health and development. The once-radical idea, that these changes in gene expression can be inherited, as “epigenetic memories” so to speak, has had a growing body of evidence for a few years now, but very little. … Read more

Al-Manar Sports website » Agreement to hold the Argentine Super Cup in Abu Dhabi

The Argentine Football Association has concluded an agreement to play the next four editions of the Argentine Super Cup, in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The Argentine Football Association aims for greater visibility for the Argentine Super Cup, by holding the tournament in another continent, which is similar to what is … Read more

Finland will further restrict the entry of Russian citizens

Finland already this month sharply limited the issuing of tourist visas to Russian citizens. However, they continued to enter Finland with visas issued by other EU countries in the Schengen area. “The purpose of the decision is to completely prevent the current situation, which is observed in Russian tourism to Finland, and the related transit … Read more

Comments on: The Saeima supports the annulment of gun permits for non-citizens of Latvia

What’s wrong with non-citizens in general, or when were permits for the possession and carrying of weapons to be issued? Some are beginning to understand what idiotic laws we have, but there are many of them, read the laws, you will find all kinds of miracles. The Saeima accepts today what will happen tomorrow, no … Read more

HUAWEI nova Y90… Powerful Performance, Durable, Fashionable Design, Exceptional Camera and

Tell me – To enjoy using your phone for hours of watching or gaming without worrying about the comfort and health of your eyes, you should look for a monitor that cares for that, and provides you with a design that is comfortable for the eyes and a full width. With Huawei, this has become … Read more

On November 12, Tukuma will host the fight show “Fights of the Giants” – Fighting sports –

“For a long time, we could not decide whether we will hold the “Battles of the Giants” this year. However, after longer discussions, the decision was made that the event should take place this year,” Artūrs Eisaks, a member of the board of the sports club “Tukuma Brāļi”, confirmed to “We have approached several … Read more

Italian Capote makes history .. What will happen in “Calcio” next Sunday? | sports

Maria Sulley Ferrere Capote entered the history of Italian football from its widest doors, by being the first woman to officiate a match at Calcio. The Italian Referees Association announced that Maria Ferreri Capote will become the first woman to officiate a Serie A match when Sassuolo hosts Salernitana on Sunday. Ferreri Capote became the … Read more

The Saeima supports the annulment of gun permits for non-citizens of Latvia

The law provides for the annulment of weapon permits issued to non-citizens of Latvia as of September 1, 2023, as well as persons who have received permanent residence permits in Latvia, but are not a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a member of the European Free Trade Association, the Australian Union, the Federative … Read more

Al-Manar Sports website » Haider discusses with the FIFA delegation ways of joint cooperation

The delegation of the International Football Association visited the President of the Lebanese Football Association, Mr. Hashem Haidar, in his office to discuss ways of cooperation and joint coordination that supports the technical development of the Federation. The delegation included Dr. Belhassan Mallouche, FIFA’s technical advisor for West Asia, and Mr. Hassan Hassan, supervisor of … Read more

The sports car manufacturer Porsche will make its market debut on Thursday

While rising inflation and growing worries about an economic downturn have been correcting share prices around the world, the maker of the 911 sports car has no plans to slow down. The planned IPO has caused a stir in Porsche’s home market of Germany, where leading tabloid Bild has described it as “crazy, cool and … Read more