Biathlete V.Strolia is again in the spotlight – this time due to noble deeds Sports

Only 30 biathletes selected according to the overall World Cup standings (25 places) and the performance in the 20 km personal race the day before yesterday (5 places) could take part in this competition. Our Lithuanian Biathlon Federation (LBF) has announced the right to participate as one of the leaders of the planet cup season. … Read more

Spotlight Night Kugou Live Singer Moves from the Live Room to a Bigger Stage- Events- Huasheng Entertainment

Gather the shimmer of music and sing the night of dreams. On the evening of January 16, the Tencent Music Live Broadcasting Ceremony was held online, and platforms such as Kugou Music and Kugou Live were broadcast simultaneously. In the grand ceremony with the theme of “Night of Gathering”, many Kugou live singers such as … Read more

Wow! Lose 5 Kg in Just Days, Here’s The 17 Day Diet Method That’s In The Spotlight – All Pages Diet Lose 5 Kg In Just A Matter Of Days –Ways to lose weight are already widely circulated. Some artists also often provide effective and safe diet tips that can be followed. In fact, losing weight is one of the easiest things to do. The end result is dependent on the consistency of … Read more

Stealing the spotlight! Zhao Yanhao scored 20 points in a single quarter and scored 31+6+6, the second highest of the season_Zhejiang_Guangsha Team_Fujian

Original title: Stealing the spotlight! Zhao Yanhao scored 20 points in a single quarter and scored 31+6+6, the second highest of the season On January 13, Beijing time, the CBA regular season continued its fierce battle. Among them, the Zhejiang Guangsha team defeated the Fujian team 125-111 and won 7 consecutive victories. Zhao Yanhao played … Read more

The Malaysian Air Force is in the spotlight, the involvement of the MiG-35 fighter jet is the cause? – air Force Malaysia back in the spotlight, this is still related to procurement fighter jet which he was doing. As it is known that air Force Malaysia still haven’t decided to dock on fighter jet what kind. But the hype about the procurement fighter jet for air Force Malaysia been in the public … Read more

Halal Swimwear To Women, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Becomes in the Spotlight With a Series of Rules – Crown Prince Saudi Arabia that is Muhammad bin Salman become the world’s spotlight related to rule–rule which he made after he occupied the seat of power in place of his father. Muhammad bin Salman aspire to change Saudi Arabia get better with a line rule which he created in the 2030 vision he … Read more

Kazakhstan in the world spotlight – one of the most tightly controlled former Soviet republics

Nazarbayev Former leader of the Communist Party Nursultanas Nazarbayev, now 81 years old, ruled the vast steppe region with an iron fist for many years since regaining independence in 1991. He is reportedly still pulling on the strings of politics even after the 2019 he eventually resigned, giving up his seat to his chosen successor, … Read more

Kaunas will be in the spotlight – the events of 2022, which are eagerly awaited

Let’s look at why everyone’s eyes should turn to Kaunas in 2022. Above the European scene In 2022, Kaunas will once again remind itself of itself – it will become European Capital of Culture and will create an ideal opportunity for visitors to discover all the city’s goodies, such as hundreds of masterpieces of modernism, … Read more

Boys aged 11 and 12 receive prestigious medal from Queen, steal spotlight from Tony Blair and Camilla Just a teenager, already honored by the Queen

Two boys receive prestigious British Empire Medal Max Woosey, amper 12, alias de ‘boy in the tent’. — ©   Rachael Woosey As tradition has it, Britain’s Queen Elisabeth honored deserving compatriots on the last day of the year at the annual New Years Honours. And although Prince Charles’ wife Camilla and former Prime Minister … Read more