Said Didu Becomes in the Spotlight After Commenting on the News ‘Mandalika Circuit Strikes Out’, Even though this is the Real Fact!

KLIKANGGARAN — No Said Didu is now in the spotlight and trending on Twitter, Saturday, July 13, 2022. Said Didu was widely discussed by the public after he commented on a news entitled ‘Mandalika Circuit Crossed out, Check out the MotoGP Test Venue Schedule 2023 ‘on his Twitter account @msaid_didu on Friday, August 12, 2022. … Read more

Video – Xavi attracts the spotlight and his photos solve the economic crisis!!

Last Sunday, Barcelona was crowned founder Joan Gamper’s friendly championship, after defeating Mexico’s Puma by six clean goals, in a night that saw Pedri shine with two goals, and Lewandowski scored his first goal, and the rest of the goals were divided between Dembele, Aubameyang and De Jong. And the star of the night was … Read more

Profile and Biodata of Benny Mamoto, Kawanua’s Son Who Becomes the Spotlight in the Case of Brigadier J

JAKARTA, – Name of the Daily Leader Kompolnas Benny Mamoto come into the spotlight in the case shooting Brigadier Nopryansyah Yoshua Hutabarat (Brigadier J). This is related to his statement at the beginning of the case, which later was inversely proportional to the new facts revealed by the Timsus Police. On this, son friends … Read more

Prabowo Suddenly Becomes the Spotlight of Foreign Media, What’s Up?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto suddenly became the focus of foreign media. This is inseparable from the minister’s desire to return to the contest for the upcoming 2024 presidential election. Prabowo, who is currently still serving as the General Chair of the Greater Indonesia Movement Party, is certain to return to participate … Read more

The couples in the spotlight on the red carpet!

A crowd of artists and friends came to attend this premiere, coming to relive the successes Beautiful, The Age of Cathedrals, Living, just like for see the game Bruno Pelletier et Daniel Lavoie in the guise of the famous Gringoire and of Frollo! On the red carpet, we came across: Jean-François Baril, Mélissa Bédard, Simon … Read more

CIA turns spotlight on China:

It emerged at a closed meeting with leaders of the CIA’s anti-terrorist center this week. The United States has long been concerned about China’s growing political and economic ambitions. Congress has for a long time put pressure on the CIA and the US’s other intelligence organizations to make them make China a top priority, according … Read more

Hotman Paris attack on Rudi Samin Rice tails buried in the spotlight

Jakarta – JNE attorney, Hotman Paris Hutapeaconfirmed that his party would report Rudi Samin, the man who claimed to be the owner of the land social assistance rice buried in Depok, West Java. Hotman Paris accused Rudi Samin of slander that caused the issue to be in the spotlight. “I’m considering reporting to the police … Read more

Spotlight on science – Two new productions in Quebec to discover in August – The initiative

In August, Savoir media offers two novelties with a scientific flavor, always with the contribution of recognized specialists. The Science Around the World series highlights scientists from all over the world who are constantly discovering new treatments, inventing ever more advanced techniques to save more lives, while Journey on the celestial waves is a documentary … Read more

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez’s bust bask in the spotlight while visiting London (PHOTOS)

His wife might be a little less pretty, but that’s just the looks and not so much. Besides, they have children together. I do not understand how you can break up after years. I understand there are problems, but for years you live together, have sex and make love and suddenly you get bored? You … Read more

The Driver System Becomes the Spotlight Behind the Repeated Accidents of TransJakarta Buses

Jakarta – National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) reveal the identification results of the sequence TransJakarta bus accident. From the results of the investigation, the KNKT highlighted the system and the competence of TransJakarta bus drivers. The results of the identification were conveyed by the Acting Head of the KNKT Road Transport Traffic Investigation Subcommittee, Ahmad … Read more